Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Vanitha gets evicted; Sakshi Agarwal elected as new leader

Surendhar MK

Jul 15, 2019 09:07:25 IST

It's been three weeks since the third season of Bigg Boss Tamil started, and controversial candidate Vanitha, who inspired a legion of memes and jokes on the internet, has become the second contestant to get evicted after Fathima Babu last week. The result has shattered the myth that the makers traditionally find a way to protect controversial inmates from elimination.

Vanitha evicted from the house

When Vanitha's name was announced, every housemate was shell shocked. No one saw it coming since Mohan Vaithya and Saravanan were pegged as favorites to get eliminated this week. Kavin, Losliya, and Tharshan were vocal about their criticism for Vanitha and how she made a lot of mistakes by being hypocritical inside the house.

Ruminating about her eviction, Vanitha told host Kamal Haasan, "When my personal life grabbed the media's attention, everyone lauded my boldness and outspoken attitude. But, I'm not sure what happened this time. I really don't understand why people have voted me out. I don't believe in keeping things to my heart. I have always been vocal about what I think about certain things, and that's how I was inside the house. I speak spontaneously without any second thoughts, and maybe people were not ready for it."

Sandy and Tharshan sacrifice leadership post for Abhirami

Last week, evicted housemate Fathima nominated Tharshan, Abhirami, and Sandy for the leadership post. During last Monday's episode, Sandy and Tharshan sacrificed the post for Abhirami, who got elected as the new leader. "For the past one week, Abhirami has been undergoing a lot of mental struggles. Everyone has misinterpreted her actions, and her friends too have misunderstood her. I have worked with her on a couple of commercials, and this is not the Abhirami I knew. So, I wanted her to take the captaincy post and prove to audiences what she's capable of."

 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Vanitha gets evicted; Sakshi Agarwal elected as new leader

The host of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3, Kamal Haasan

Tharshan rejects Meera Mitun's proposal; opens up about his girlfriend

Meera Mitun and Tharshan, who have been good friends and shared a nice relationship so far, are the latest couple to grab the headlines on the web. When their relationship became the subject of discussion on Sunday, Kamal Haasan asked both Meera and Tharshan to explain the issue. "We were good friends. One day, she asked me if I would come and talk to her mother about our marriage. I was shocked and surprised. Then, I told her that I have a girlfriend outside and ended the topic there," revealed Tharshan.

Meera got furious and told Haasan that Tharshan never spoke about his girlfriend during their conversations. "When you can tell your other friends about your crush and girlfriend, why didn't you tell me before?" Meera asked Tharshan, who argued that he didn't find it necessary to tell her. The duo engaged in a brief spat before Tharshan walked away saying he would never talk to Meera again.

Madhumitha's moral policing receives flak from inmates and Kamal Haasan

Madhumitha's comments about the dressing sense of certain inmates didn't go down well with audiences. Madhumitha had suggested how skimpy clothes and suggestive behavior led to rape incidents. Abhirami quickly responded saying that it's about the mindset of men and women shouldn't be blamed for it. Kamal Haasan, on Saturday's episode, strongly condemned Madhumitha for her regressive remarks and heaped praise on Abhirami for standing up. "We have been reading a lot of rape incidents of children too. Were their dressing style the real reason behind those incidents?" Abhirami asked Madhumitha.

Cheran finally put an end to the conversation by requesting Madhumitha not to judge others. "Everyone has their opinion and the right to freedom of expression and choice. Don't criticize others in the name of Tamil culture," Cheran told Madhumitha, who later reconciles her differences with Abhirami.

Sakshi Agarwal elected as the new leader

When Bigg Boss assigns Vanitha to be the murderer in a task and asks her to kill Sherin, Sakshi, Mohan, Reshma, and Kavin, she successfully completes it. The murdered housemates were asked to wear a ghost costume and stay in the graveyard built outside the house. Sakshi, Vanitha, and Mohan get selected by housemates as the best performers of the task, and they also get an opportunity to compete for the captaincy position.

In another controversial task, both Mohan and Vanitha give up halfway through the game. While Mohan tried his best, Vanitha gave up citing half-baked rules as the reason. Bigg Boss later announced Sakshi as the winner of the task and appointed her as the new captain of the house.

Updated Date: Jul 15, 2019 09:07:25 IST