Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Vanitha gets evicted; Losliya elected as new leader

Surendhar MK

Sep 16, 2019 12:21:20 IST

The twelfth week in the Bigg Boss Tamil house started with the most anticipated task of Freeze & Release. Most of the inmates were waiting for this task to meet their beloved ones. At the end of Week 12, wild card entrant Vanitha was shown the doors, leaving seven contestants in the house as the show nears the final stage with just three weeks left.

 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Vanitha gets evicted; Losliya elected as new leader

Losliya with her father in Bigg Boss house | Hotstar

Losliya elected as the new leader of the house

Vanitha, Tharshan, and Losliya contended for the captaincy post this week based on their performances in the luxury budget task last week. After Vanitha quit the task in the first few minutes saying she is not willing to participate, Tharshan also left saying his legs hurt. Losliya was hurt by Tharshan's behavior and said, "When you can't accept a victory from other's sacrifice, how can I? When I wanted to give my best and start my game, I don't expect you to make things easy for me." Tharshan seemed quite doubtful about his deed and clarified with Mugen Rao and Sherin about the same.

Cheran's pertinent questions about Losliya irk Kavin

While watching the nominations and other happenings from the secret room, Cheran tried to alert the audience when Kavin asked what's on Losliya's mind. "Both Kavin and Losliya promised not to talk about their future inside the house. But Kavin is now forcing her to tell her decision in an attempt to grab the audiences' attention and escape eviction," alerted Cheran. When Bigg Boss allowed Cheran to pose three questions to the inmates, he asked about Kavin's intentions in persuading Losliya. As the housemates receive a letter from Cheran, they gather that he must be in the secret room. Upset by the question, Kavin reiterated that he is answerable only to Losliya's family and not anybody else.

Freeze, Release, Repeat task reunites inmates with their loved ones

Unlike the previous luxury budget tasks, this week's activity had no space for action or arguments but lots of emotions and tears. As friends and family of the inmates arrived at the Bigg Boss house with a title song, the inmates did guessing games of whom it could be. Cheran, who was in the secret room, joined the housemates during the task.

Losliya's father, who was abroad for the past ten years, came to the show and he was visibly upset about her budding relationship with Kavin. "Is this how I raised you? Is this the reason I sent you to pursue your dreams? What you are doing here turned me into a butt of jokes amidst my colleagues and relatives. Just put an end to whatever you are doing and focus on the game. Even if you don't win, give your best without any distractions," said a disappointed Mariyanesan. Meanwhile, Kavin, who felt he is responsible for whatever the family is going through, broke down and thought he should apologise to her parents. Later that day, Kavin and Losliya sat down and decided to prioritise their families over everything.

In the weekend episode, Kamal suggested Losliya's father he had been a little more compassionate given the past ten years of staying away from her daughter.

Cheran's daughter asks him to be wary of Losliya

When Cheran's younger daughter visited the Bigg Boss house, she asked her father to be wary of Losliya. Expressing how Losliya let him down, she said, "You think of her as your daughter, but she doesn't seem to reciprocate the same feelings. When Kavin and Sandy were making fun of you, she didn't say a word or stop them; instead, she joined them."

Kamal Haasan started the Saturday's episode offering his heartfelt condolences to Subhashree's family. Subhashree lost her life after an illegally placed banner fell on her, and she was run over by a water tanker. Kamal Haasan urged the audience to do what is necessary to avoid such incidents in the future.

Vanitha evicted from the house

The host reminded the contestants about how their families are the first recipients of audiences' reaction to whatever they do or say on the show. He also asked them to be aware of every action. Vanitha, who entered the house as wild card entrant for the second time, was eliminated from the house on Sunday's episode. Vanitha said, "I'm happy and content to leave the show now. My first eviction was a very emotional moment for me. Now, I'm so glad that the audiences got to see my other face too. I really hope that I'll be an inspiration to many women out there."

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