Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Sakshi Agarwal evicted; Kasthuri Shankar makes wildcard entry

Surendhar MK

Aug 12, 2019 09:08:05 IST

The seventh week of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 was replete with a gamut of emotions from the contestants. Shortly after Reshma's elimination on 4 August, controversial housemate Saravanan was ousted from the house at the end of Monday's episode to everyone's surprise. Saravanan bragged about groping women on public transport during his college days in one of his conversations with host Kamal Haasan and was later urged by Bigg Boss to issue an apology to audiences.

Sakshi becomes the seventh contestant to get evicted

After Fatima Babu, Vanitha Vijayakumar, Mohan Vaithya, Meera Mitun, Reshma and Saravanan, Sakshi Agarwal became the seventh contestant to exit from the house. Sherin, who shared a strong friendship with Sakshi, bid a teary-eyed farewell to her friend during yesterday's episode. Sakshi's relationship with Kavin grabbed the headlines in the last two weeks, but her fickle-minded attitude earned the wrath of the viewers.

"I've learned a lot inside the house, and I will cherish this experience throughout my life. I was there inside the house for nearly six weeks, but still, I couldn't understand everyone. I’ve learned to balance my emotions and energy instead of going any extreme," Sakshi told Kamal Haasan. Meanwhile, Sandy, Tharshan, and Kavin started discussing how fake Abhirami was when she broke down during Sakshi’s eviction. Now, there are ten contestants in the house, and the reality show has completed fifty days on Sunday.

Kasthuri Shankar enters the house as a wildcard contestant

 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Sakshi Agarwal evicted; Kasthuri Shankar makes wildcard entry

Kasthuri Shankar made a wildcard entry in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. Hotstar

Popular actress Kasthuri Shankar, best known for her roles in films such as Amaidhi Padai, Indian and who was last seen in director CS Amudhan's Thamizh Padam 2, entered the house as wild card contestant on Thursday. Kasthuri is known for her outspoken remarks against famous politicians on her social media pages. Her entry has led to a lot of anticipation among viewers on the Internet.

Kasthuri's entry has altered the dynamics inside the house, which witnessed a surprise eviction of Saravanan on Monday. Unlike others, Saravanan was not given a proper farewell by Bigg Boss due to his controversial remarks. Sandy and Kavin, who were close friends with Saravanan, wept non-stop before other inmates Cheran and Madhumitha pacified them.

Sandy elected as the new leader of the house

After Mugen Rao’s captaincy stint in the house ended, Sandy got elected as the new leader of the house. Inmates unanimously elected him as the best performer of the luxury budget task and other activities performed all through the week. Cheran expressed his displeasure about how Sandy and Kavin belittled him when the duo crooned an impromptu song for Losliya, who was one of the participants to get nominated for elimination alongside Abhirami and Sakshi.

“I was really hurt. I understand that you guys did it for fun, but you should be a little wary of your remarks. As a filmmaker, I have gone through a lot of ups and downs in my life. I just want to share my experiences with everyone so that they learn whatever they wish to. If you don’t want to listen to me, you can always ignore me, and I would never mistake you guys,” Cheran told Sandy and Kavin.

Abhirami opens up about her relationship with Mugen

Putting a full stop to all speculations, Abhirami finally opened up about her relationship with Mugen on Saturday’s episode to Kamal Haasan. “I love him. It is definitely more than a friendship. But we have an excellent understanding of each other. Mugen has not given any false promises or hopes to me,” Abhirami told Haasan. Mugen admitted that he has a girlfriend outside and he considers Abhirami as his best friend. “Abhi and I have already discussed this. I really like her as a friend, and there’s nothing more to our relationship than what it meets the eye,” said Mugen.

Cheran, Madhumitha, Tharshan, Sandy, and Kavin argued about how Abhirami’s feelings for Mugen might hamper his growth in the reality show. Everyone advised Mugen to put an end to this relationship and focus on the game. "Kamal sir rightly pointed out that if this relationship continues, you guys will end up hurting each other," said Cheran.

Updated Date: Aug 12, 2019 09:08:05 IST