Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Madhumitha terminated over act of self-harm; Abhirami gets evicted

Surendhar MK

Aug 19, 2019 09:26:22 IST

The eighth week of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 witnessed a string of disturbing scenes and shocking controversies with the arrival of eliminated ex-contestant Vanitha Vijayakumar as a guest in luxury budget task. Following last week’s back-to-back evictions in Reshma and Saravanan (was ousted from the house for his controversial remarks on molesting women), the showrunners pulled off yet another surprise this week too with consecutive evictions. While Abhirami was eliminated yesterday, show host Kamal Haasan announced the termination of Madhumitha on Saturday’s episode.

 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Madhumitha terminated over act of self-harm; Abhirami gets evicted

Kamal Haasan with Madhumitha in Bigg Boss Tamil 3 | Hotstar

Evicted housemate Vanitha enters the house as a guest

On Monday, Bigg Boss requested the housemates to turn the house into a grand Bigg Boss hotel as part of the luxury budget task. Bigg Boss revealed that a high profile guest would visit the hotel and instructed everyone to take good care of the new entrant. A few minutes later, it was disclosed that the guest was none other than evicted housemate Vanitha. While her re-entry shocked audiences and surprised the inmates, it sparked a lot of discussion on social media for the past few days.

Vanitha was asked by the Bigg Boss to provide ratings to the participants at the end of the luxury budget task based on their hospitality. While Sandy, Kavin, Tharshan, and Mugen were wary of Vanitha’s re-entry to the house, Abhirami, Madhumitha, Cheran and Sherin were seemingly happy to have her back. Vanitha advised Abhirami to be a strong woman and cut off her ties with Mugen.

When Vanitha called for a conversation between Mugen and Abhirami in front of other housemates by raking up old wounds, it created a ripple effect in the house leading to non-stop quarrel between everyone. Abhirami questioned Mugen about his silence during last weekend’s episode when Kamal Haasan accused her of hindering his growth in the show. Mugen, as usual, lost his temper only to be pacified by his friends later.

Bigg Boss terminates Madhumitha from the show for self-harm

It has a harrowing week for Madhumitha who was terminated from the show for attempting self-harm by slitting her hand. The Bigg Boss announced that Madhumitha violated the rules of the show by trying to harm herself inside the house. Ever since Vanitha’s re-entry to the show and her frequent arguments about how the boys gang (Sandy, Kavin, Mugen, Tharshan) have been exploiting the women inside the house for their personal gain, Madhumitha quickly jumped at the opportunity to prove herself as a savior to Losliya and Abhirami by standing with them.

When Mugen and Abhirami exchanged heated arguments, Madhumitha wholly supported the latter and earned the wrath of Kavin, Tharshan, and Sandy. However, things took an ugly turn when Madhumitha lashed out at Kavin for using Sakshi, Sherin, Losliya, and Abhirami as a tool to elevate his stature in the show. Peeved by Madhumitha’s accusations, Kavin, Tharshan, and Sandy joined hands and vociferously argued, stating that she is talking rubbish.

Abhirami evicted from the show; Losliya and Cheran reconcile differences

After Fathima Babu, Vanitha, Mohan Vaithya, Meera Mitun, Reshma, Saravanan, Sakshi and Madhumitha, Abhirami became the ninth contestant to exit from the house. Losliya, who recently became good friends with Abhirami, especially in the last two weeks, cried uncontrollably when Haasan announced her name on Sunday’s episode. “Don’t cry, baby. I anyway don’t want to stay inside this house anymore. I will go out and watch the show, and I wouldn’t want you to shed a tear about anything. Once you come out, we will go out and watch my film, Nerkonda Paarvai.”

When Kamal Haasan asked Cheran and Losliya about their recent silence, the duo agreed that there was slight friction in their relationship in the last few days. Losliya said she had too many things to process this week and asked for some time to assess what went wrong between them. Cheran said he suggested Losliya’s name for the worst performer of the week task because he wanted to be honest and impartial towards other contestants. Later, Cheran and Losliya sat together and agreed that the last week was tumultuous to everyone inside the house. They settled their differences and promised to be the adorable father-daughter they once were in the show.

Updated Date: Aug 19, 2019 09:26:22 IST