Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Fathima Babu evicted; Abhirami, Tharshan, Sandy nominated for new leader

Surendhar MK

Jul 08, 2019 10:53:12 IST

The second week of Bigg Boss Tamil season three has successfully completed, and audiences saw the first eviction from the house. Popular news-reader-turned-actress Fathima Babu, who was the first contestant to enter the house in season three, has become the first inmate to get evicted. Now, the number of participants inside the house has come down to fifteen.

Meera Mitun, Cheran, Sakshi Agarwal, Saravanan, Kavin, and Madhumitha, who were nominated for elimination alongside Fathima Babu, heaved a sigh of relief when Kamal Haasan revealed the name on Sunday's episode. Overwhelmed by audiences' response, Madhumitha broke down uncontrollably when Haasan announced that she was saved.

Fathima Babu calls out Vanitha's domination inside the house

Fathima Babu bravely called out Vanitha's domination inside the house when Haasan asked her to review her 14-day stint in the show. "Vanitha thinks she can dominate the proceedings with her loud voice and fiery attitude. Sadly, some of the contestants get influenced by her, and it disturbs the decorum of the house," said Fathima.

Fathima, who shared a great bond with Tharshan in the house, wished him to win the title of the third season. "I wholeheartedly wish and expect Tharshan to reach the finale and win the title," she said. Fathima also pointed out how Cheran is unable to stand up for others even though he knows who's right and wrong in specific issues.

Fathima gets a new power to nominate three contestants for the next captain post for the new week. She nominates Tharshan, Abhirami, and Sandy for the position and advised everyone to act justly, and try to bring out peace and harmony inside the house.

Sakshi Agarwal feels she's in love with Kavin

After Abhirami revealed her crush on Kavin and expressed her love for the actor last week, the latter rejected the proposal saying he would like to be friends before arriving at any quick decision. Abhirami too gracefully accepted Kavin's decision and the duo continued to be good friends on the show. Now, it's time for Sakshi Agarwal who feels that she has developed a romantic connection with Kavin.

"I really feel we are very connected now. I can't share this with Abhi because I don't know how she would take this and react. She shouldn't think that I was cheating her. In the last few days, I could sense that the friendship between Kavin and me has transformed into a lovely relationship," Sakshi confided in Sherin.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Fathima Babu evicted; Abhirami, Tharshan, Sandy nominated for new leader

Host of Bigg Boss tamil season 3, Kamal Haasan

Vanitha lashes out at Madhumitha for being hypocritical

While Madhumitha's holier-than-thou remarks of 'I'm a Tamil girl' faced stiff opposition from everyone inside the house, Vanitha lashed out at her at the beginning of the second week for being hypocritical. "You talk about society, traditions, Tamil culture and all but you don't wear mangalsutra. Why? Don't try to project yourself as the perfect Tamil girl and degrade others. Don't be a hypocrite," said Vanitha.

Bigg Boss asked Madhumitha to give a motivational speech to inspire the contestants. "I come from a very conservative family. I never believed in adjustments and compromises in the industry. In fact, I don't even attend any parties or even audio launch events. I feel that's why my career has not kicked off," rued Madhumitha.

Irked by Madhumitha's speech, Vanitha said, "Bigg Boss didn't ask you to talk about your career. He asked you to give a motivational speech. It's irresponsible if an actor doesn't participate in her film's audio launch function. It's your film after all, and you brag about not attending the event."

Losliya indirectly calls attention to Vanitha's wily nature

Abhirami, Sakshi, and Sherin, who were good friends with Losliya, fell out with her after Vanitha informed the trio that the latter was reacting needlessly when Sakshi and Madhumitha were arguing non-stop. When Abhirami and Mugen cleared the air about their friendship, Sakshi asked everyone in the house about whether anyone from their gang advised against talking to Madhumitha and Meera Mitun. While everyone responds in the negative, Madhumita gets annoyed her name has been dragged into the situation for no reason.

When things begin to get a little out of hands with Abhirami, Vanitha, Sakshi and Sherin confronting Madhumitha, Losliya signals Abhirami to calm down and put an end to this. Abhirami locked horns with Losliya saying this is how people will react when their character gets assassinated. A disappointed Losliya, who wanted to call a truce between two parties, walks out angrily.

However, Kavin pacifies Losliya and sorts out the issue quickly. Losliya advises Abhirami, Sakshi, and Sherin to solve their problems on their own, quietly and indirectly calling attention to Vanitha's wily nature and how she manipulates everyone in the house. Losliya has become everyone's favorite with meme-makers working overtime on the internet about her lovely attitude in the show.

Updated Date: Jul 08, 2019 10:53:12 IST