Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Cheran sent to secret room; Abhirami, Sakshi, Mohan return as special guests

Surendhar MK

Sep 09, 2019 09:44:44 IST

The eleventh week of Bigg Boss Tamil 3 witnessed a string of unexpected twists after evicted contestants Sakshi Agarwal, Abhirami and Mohan Vaidya entered the house as special guests for two days. Open nomination for elimination, the luxury budget task, and the reentry of ex-contestants stirred up tension inside the house.

 Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Cheran sent to secret room; Abhirami, Sakshi, Mohan return as special guests

Kamal Haasan hosts Bigg Boss Tamil 3 | Hotstar/Star Vijay

Losliya tries to settle differences with Cheran and Kavin

After some revelation about what's in Losliya's mind, it took some time for Cheran to get back to normalcy. After answering a caller that she is no longer sure about Cheran's intentions, Losliya avoided taking sides immediately and kept herself away from both Cheran and Kavin. Later in the night, when she wanted to talk and straighten things up, Cheran decided to cut her some slack. "Is your affection genuine? Is this not some strategy you are using in front of cameras?" asked Losliya Mariyanesan without beating around the bush. "I was here inside the house all the time. Before judging me, you could have spoken to me or questioned me. You didn't give me the space to talk to; you were around Kavin most of the time, and how can you expect me to come and explain? Will you be the same if your father was inside the house too?" asked Cheran.

When Losliya tried to reconcile with Kavin, it did not go well as she expected. He seemed not ready to start a conversation and said, "I am not answerable to him. If it is your parents or friends, I will make an effort. It doesn't sound or seem genuine to me."

Sandy breaks down after nominating Kavin

After Sandy openly nominated Kavin and Losliya, he had an emotional breakdown for nominating his pal. "I know how Kavin was when he entered the house. If you can't play the game, then leave the house," said an emotional Sandy with teary eyes. Vanitha asked, "Don't you guys know that this is the game format? Sympathy is not going to win the game. There is no point in crying."

Sherin gets angry with Kavin for nominating her for eviction

When Kavin nominated Cheran and Sherin, mentioning their successful career before Bigg Boss, it did not go down well with either of them. "I had a successful career before Bigg Boss. Does this mean I cannot compete or win? I don't understand and accept this reason for nominating me. I have always been a private person and have not discussed the plight I faced before I tasted success. It doesn't mean I have been living on a rose bed. I have faced my share of issues and chose not to tell everyone about it," said Sherin.

Kamal Haasan requests Vanitha to stay out of Sherin and Tharshan's relationship

Vanitha, who has been advising Sherin to focus on the game more, called Sherin and Tharshan's relationship an affair in a heated argument. "She's losing focus and not doing her daily chores too if Tharshan is around. He is clear about the relationship he has with her, yet Sherin is falling for him. This is an affair if she continues what she's doing even after knowing that he has a girlfriend," blurted out Vanitha.

"Vanitha is talking as if I'm a lovesick puppy going behind him. I confessed things to her, and she's using it against me. How dare she call my relationship with him an affair. I've always known my limits with him, and so has he. How can she use the word 'affair' to define our relationship," cried an enraged Sherin. In the weekend episode, Kamal Haasan, after discussing with Tharshan and Sherin, asked Vanitha to stay out of it as a courtesy and dignity.

Tharshan's alleged girlfriend Sanam Shetty's emotional video goes viral

Meanwhile, a video of Sanam Shetty, Tharshan's alleged girlfriend, who has been giving interviews to several YouTube channels, has surfaced on the internet. "Lots of people have spewed hatred on my social media pages that I don't deserve to be Tharshan's girlfriend. For you guys, Sherin and Tharshan belong together, and they're the sweethearts. I can't handle this hatred anymore. Though I continue to love him, I will not disturb Tharshan anymore. Please don't follow my social media pages to spread hatred," said a teary-eyed Sanam.

Cheran gets evicted but opts to enter the secret room

Cheran, who was evicted on Sunday's episode, was allowed to use the secret room, and he agreed to continue in the show. "It gives a new perspective. To watch the same people who traveled with me through the show from a distance and to live here alone will be a new, interesting experience," said Cheran after he settled in the secret room. At the end of the eleventh week, there are eight contestants in the show including Tharshan, Mugen, Sherin, Sandy, Losliya, Kavin, Vanitha, and Cheran in secret room.

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