Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Cheran gets evicted; Mugen wins 'Golden Ticket to Finale' task

Mugen wins the 'Golden Ticket to Finale' task; becomes the first inmate to enter the final round of Bigg Boss Tamil.

Surendhar MK September 23, 2019 12:44:51 IST
Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates: Cheran gets evicted; Mugen wins 'Golden Ticket to Finale' task

The seven contestants, who were basking in all the joy a week after the freeze release task, had to face the crucial part of the reality show— 'Golden Ticket to Finale.' While Mugen Rao won the ticket and became the first housemate to enter the final round of the reality show, Cheran got evicted from the house at the end of the thirteenth week following his brief stint in the secret room a few days back.

Losliya's candid remarks leave Kavin upset.

When Bigg Boss aired the clippings from the Freeze-Release task, inmates had to witness some awkward conversations. While Losliya and Cheran handled the latter's conversation with his daughter with great composure and maturity, Kavin couldn't digest the fact that Losliya's mother asked her to be wary of him. Mentioning how her words hurt him, Kavin asked, "Even you told the same to Kamal sir that you are not sure of what is true and what is fake inside the house. So, I realized that you too think that my feelings are not genuine." Losliya convinced Kavin by clarifying that it was not him she was talking about but the incident with Cheran in the past.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 weekly updates Cheran gets evicted Mugen wins Golden Ticket to Finale task

Kamal Haasan in the Bigg Boss Tamil house.

Mugen wins the 'Golden Ticket to Finale' task; becomes the first inmate to enter the final round.

Unlike last season, this season had multiple grueling tasks to earn the golden ticket to finale. Everyone gave their bests and injured themselves during the activities. While it was a fierce competition between Tharshan, Sandy, and Mugen for the first position, Kavin and Losliya remained in the last two places on the scoreboard from the beginning. During one of the tasks, when Sandy and Losliya knocked against each other, and the latter lost her footing, Kavin made a slightly harsh remark about Sandy playing recklessly. "Why don't you play it carefully, keeping in mind where Losliya and I stand on the scoreboard?" asked an overprotective Kavin. "You call him your friend. You need not sacrifice your position and prove that friendship, but you can help him gain points, right? Why do you have to team up with Tharshan and win over Kavin?" asked Losliya.

Sandy breaks down in the confession room.

Visibly hurt by Losliya and Kavin's lopsided arguments, Sandy broke down in the confession room to the Bigg Boss. "I didn't plot anything against Kavin. I gave my best as a contestant; that's all I did. I don't know how to handle this; even Kavin couldn't understand my intentions. I was really hurt when he accused me needlessly. He was standing quietly when Losliya questioned my friendship with him," said an emotional Sandy. Later, Cheran and Tharshan pacified Sandy and asked him to continue with the game without keeping anything in mind.

The host, Kamal Haasan, started the weekend episode by showering lavish praise and his admiration for the Tamil language, quoting the historical findings from the Keezhadi excavation and the carbon dating results. He also presented the golden ticket to Mugen Rao, who topped the scoreboard, for the final round of the show.

Kamal Haasan asked Losliya if it is fair to expect Sandy to sacrifice for the sake of Kavin and their friendship. "Even Tharshan and Mugen share a great bond, but I didn't see any expectations in that relationship. There is a healthy competitive spirit in their games, and that's how a relationship should be," advised Kamal Haasan.

Cheran gets evicted from the show.

After saving Sherin and Kavin from eviction, Kamal Haasan Haasan asked Losliya and Cheran to go to the activity area for further details on the elimination. When everyone was confused about double eviction, Bigg Boss asked Losliya and Cheran to open an envelope that had the name of the housemate to be evicted this week, and it was Cheran whose Bigg Boss journey finally came to an end.

"Each person had an admirable quality that I tried to take it as a lesson for my life. The success I wished for is the whole new experience I gained inside the house. I found no need for drama, and I tried to be myself without any pretenses. I leave the show without any regrets, and I want to see these deserving contestants progress towards the finale," said Cheran, who left the house after ninety days. "You would have already written two scripts by the time I assume. We await for a film that surpasses your Autograph," wished Kamal Haasan while bidding adieu to Cheran.

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