Bigg Boss Tamil 3 grand finale: Mugen Rao wins title; Sandy, Losliya declared first and second runner-up

Mugen Rao was crowned as the title winner of the third season with Rs 50 lakh cash prize, and Sandy, whom everyone expected to win, was declared the runner-up.

Surendhar MK October 07, 2019 08:39:21 IST
Bigg Boss Tamil 3 grand finale: Mugen Rao wins title; Sandy, Losliya declared first and second runner-up

The third season of Bigg Boss Tamil finally came to an end after a stint of 105 days. There's no doubt that this season has garnered more love and fame on social media than the last two seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil. Mugen Rao was crowned as the title winner of the third season with Rs 50 lakh cash prize, and Sandy, who was expected to win, was declared the runner-up.

Bigg Boss Tamil 3 grand finale Mugen Rao wins title Sandy Losliya declared first and second runnerup

Mugen Rao wins Bigg Boss Tamil 3 | Image via Twitter

The aftermath of Tharshan's unexpected eviction

After the unexpected eviction of Tharshan, the inmates took some time to get back to reality and managed to motivate each other and proceed further. Throughout the pre-finale week, ex-contestants made surprise visits to the Bigg Boss house bearing gifts. The finalists with the ex-contestants spent their last few days inside the house, remembering their good old days together. Frames of several emotional moments, bitter quarrels, and happy moments were displayed for the contestants. As the housemates took a trip down the memory lane, they expressed their most joyful moments, biggest regrets, and the turning points.

Evicted contestants ruminate on their game inside the house

Abhirami opened up about how she regretted the way she handled some issues with Mugen. "Instead of reacting under shock, I could have tried to sort things with Meera Mitun with a cool head," expressed Cheran, recollecting the incident where she accused him of touching her inappropriately. Fathima Babu said she could empathise with Losliya's father and the pressure the middle-class society has put on him. While talking about her experience in the house, Vanitha noted, "In some circumstances, regardless of the situation, and the people involved, the whole blame was pinned on me. The total wrath resulted in my eviction both the times. You all will know the reason for Tharshan's eviction only when you leave the house." Sherin couldn't take this statement from Vanitha, and she broke down as the latter hinted her as the reason for Tharshan's eviction.

Bigg Boss conducts a press conference inside the house with four finalists

Treating the inmates with music and fine-dining and arranging a press conference with journalists from various prominent dailies, the Bigg Boss kept the finalists busy on their last week inside the house. "What will be the first thing you will do after you leave the show?" a reporter asked Losliya. "I have to meet my parents and explain everything about what I did on the show. I have no idea about what they have gone through," replied Losliya.

When a reporter asked Sandy if all the emotional moments are part of his strategy, he said, "I'm not a person who breaks down for everything. All that I wanted to do is to be happy in life. But when certain unexpected events occurred, and I had absolutely no idea about why it's happening, I can't be indifferent."

Kamal Haasan becomes nostalgic; remembers K Balachander, Nagesh

The grand finale started with the host Kamal Haasan mentioning how much employment the show has created, and some of the audiences sharing how much the reality show has touched their lives. Entering the house and interacting with the finalists, Haasan surprised them by reading out the personalised poem he wrote for them. As he handed out the framed and signed poems, he remembered the letters given by his guru K Balachander, Nagesh, lyricist Vairamutthu and Vaali.

Sherin secures fourth spot; Losliya declared second runner-up

Sherin secured the fourth position in the voting count and was eliminated first. "You said you wish not to lose the humanity in the spirit of the game. And Sherin, you did what you promised. You are a good human," said Kamal Haasan. Shruti Haasan, who came to the show to announce the next contestant to be evicted, was given a tour of the house. "Isn't it hard to live amidst all the cameras?" exclaimed Shruthi. "I never expected myself to be on the final stage. I would miss Bigg Boss big time. We developed a great bond with him over the days and especially in the last few weeks," said Losliya before she left the stage.

Kamal Haasan signs up Tharshan for Raaj Kamal Films International

Kamal Haasan presented the Game-Changer award to Kavin and the Most Disciplined award to Cheran. Handing over the Guts and Grit trophy to Vanitha, he said it is essential that a woman possesses these qualities. Sherin received the Best Buddy award and Tharshan, the All-Rounder award. Pinning the Raj Kamal Films International badge on Tharshan, Haasan said, "We are happy to announce that Raj Kamal Films International has signed Tharshan as a talent in an upcoming project." As the crowd erupted after the announcement, Tharshan and his mother stood speechless in tears of joy.

Mugen wins the title; Sandy declared the runner-up

The finalists Mugen and Sandy, arrived at the stage in a golden chariot with the host Kamal Haasan. After some pranks and brief teasing, Haasan announced Mugen Rao as the title winner of Season 3 and Sandy as the runner up. "The love Tamil Nadu people have given is bigger than anything I can get. I thank all those who supported me and stood by me throughout the show. They helped me to stay focussed and get back when I got off the track. Tamil Nadu has become my home now," said Mugen in his winning speech.

"I never wanted to win the title; all I wanted was to be an entertainer and make the audience happy. I wished Tharshan or Mugen to win this, and now that Mugen has won the title, I feel so happy," said Sandy, who became the first runner up.

Krishnan Kutty, the Business Head of Star Vijay, revealed the total votes garnered by the finalists. "This season is the most successful season of Bigg Boss, and the show has garnered 200 crore votes altogether. Out of which 20 crore votes were registered on the grand finale day, which is the highest for any Bigg Boss show across the country."

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