Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Vaishnavi evicted in episode marked with outbursts, fallouts

Surendhar MK

Aug 20, 2018 09:31:29 IST

The ninth week of Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 was high on emotions and verbal abuses. Kamal Haasan announced Vaishnavi as the evicted contestant in Sunday's episode by keeping the other inmates on the edge of their seats. Now, the show has only nine contestants as seven have been eliminated so far.

Luxury budget task creates a rift in the house

This week's luxury budget task that continued for more than two days created a histrionic outburst. Aishwarya and Yashika kept provoking the opponent side, resulting in Sendrayan losing his temper and pulling the former's hair. Aishwarya blew this out of proportion and accused Sendrayan of indulging in physical violence, but failed to react when Mahat used the same on her. Mumtaz's team won the task and Mahat was named the best performer while Sendrayan was circled out for the least amount of participation.

Vaishnavi in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Image from Twitter/@toptamilnews

Vaishnavi in the Bigg Boss Tamil house. Image from Twitter/@toptamilnews

Mahat assumed that Mumtaz wanted to take the best performer title for herself and strongly criticised her and gradually ended up in blurting out hateful words. "She's the one who influenced Yashika to nominate Janani, but now she's being nice to her," he said, misinterpreting what Yashika had told him. Amidst all of this, when Janani's name was taken, she broke down, and Vaishnavi tried to console her saying, "No one in this house is going to help you, even if it's your friend Mahat." Janani didn't let Mahat down and defended him even in his absence though Mahat failed to do the same in return and kept mum as Yashika accused Janani of shedding crocodile tears.

Independence Day celebrations

As part of the Independence Day celebrations, the inmates dressed in ethnic wear and spoke about what they thought was great about India. In the polling for the best chef in the house, most voted for Danny and selected him for the variety of dishes he churns out and his speed. A panchayat session was organised for the inmates to register their complaints, if any, in the house; Balaji played the judge for this session.

"Mumtaz uses people during the tasks and then dumps them. She said that Aishwarya was behaving wild and that something was wrong with her, behind her back," said Mahat in a rage of anger. "You should have defended your friend when she made such a remark. It's pointless to talk about something that happened a long time back," retorted Balaji.

Yashika elected leader

Yashika and Mahat, who were named the best performers in this week's luxury budget task, contested in the leader election. Yashika won the activity and was elected the captain for the coming week.

In the weekend episode, Yashika, who usually sits with her friends, sat near Mumtaz, and this irked Aishwarya and Mahat. Mahat again blamed Mumtaz for influencing Yashika. "Are you even human? How can you be this cheap? I can't take this anymore, and I want to leave this show, " an enraged Aishwarya yelled at Mumtaz.

Mahat goes berserk again

Mahat started calling Mumtaz names, and other inmates had to stop him as he continued to go berserk. Kamal Haasan, who was observing all this without their knowledge, then announced that the door would be kept open for five minutes and those who want to leave are free to go. When Aishwarya tried to leave, Mahat, Sendrayan, Danny, and Balaji asked her to control her emotions and focus on what is to be done.

Vaishnavi evicted from the house

Kamal asked every contestant to guess the fellow inmates' survival strategy in the house and felt Riythvika out of all was honest in voicing her opinion. Handling the eviction announcement differently in this episode, Haasan sent Sendrayan to the store room and Vaishnavi to the confession room.

As Bigg Boss revealed Vaishnavi's eviction, Sendrayan was blindfolded and brought to the confession room. Meanwhile, the contestants started to speculate that a wildcard entry was going to happen. After Vaishnavi came to the stage, Kamal asked her to do what she had once claimed during the show — tear off the masks of inmates and show what they are in reality. She used the stage to give her honest opinion about every inmate.

After the dramatic episode, the housemates engaged in customary discussions as groups. Mahat was upset by Yashika's detachment and the grief was visible on his face. "Don't get influenced by others, Mahat. Please think twice before acting on other's words. Don't try to judge people on someone else's opinion. Treat them the way they treat you," a concerned Janani advised him.

Updated Date: Aug 20, 2018 09:31:29 IST