Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Ramya, Aishwarya, Balaji, Ponnambalam, Janani Iyer face elimination

Surendhar MK

Jul 19, 2018 12:46:11 IST

It's been exactly a month since the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil kicked off. Already, the audiences have started comparisons with the show's first season and how the second edition is relatively weaker regarding the range of contestants and the entertainment quotient. Week four in the Bigg Boss came to an end with Nithya's eviction, and she left the house with the inmates eventually changing their perception about her. Some players genuinely felt she was the most misconstrued person in this season.

Aishwarya, Balaji, Ponnambalam and Janani Iyer nominated for eviction

As part of this week's nomination process, Bigg Boss asked the inmates to nominate any two contestants they feel are lethargic and uninterested in the house. Including Ramya, who was nominated directly to this week's elimination for her non-cooperation in the last week's luxury budget task, Aishwarya, Balaji, Ponnambalam, and Janani are nominated this week. Aishwarya and Balaji got five votes each, and Ponnamabalam and Janani earned four votes each. Although a few agreed that Janani was not a lethargic person at all, they nominate her because they believed her to be a strong contender to grab the title.

Sendrayan helps Mahath win the leadership position

This week's leadership election process involved the housemates finding the hidden garlands and offering it to the person whom they wish to select as the captain. Mahath, Balaji, and Shariq were garlanded by Danny, Riythvika, and Yashika respectively. As the candidates were chained and locked with two locks, each candidate had to select an inmate to dive into the pool and find the keys to unlock them. Sendrayan freed Mahath first and helped him to be elected as the captain for this week.

Danny felt the groups in the house are detrimental to the inmates' unity. "Bigg Boss will not make that happen. The tasks are mostly designed in a way to arise conflicts. To avoid the conflicts and be together is difficult and requires maturity which most of the contestants don't have. Almost everyone wants to pitch themselves from the rest. So these frictions are inevitable," replied Mumtaz when Danny complained about the lack of transparency in the house.

 Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Ramya, Aishwarya, Balaji, Ponnambalam, Janani Iyer face elimination

A still from Bigg Boss Tamil 2/Image from YouTube.

Housemates pick Danny and Yashika to enter the finale

In a task, the contestants were asked to assume themselves as winners and identify any two inmates who they think will accompany them to the finals. Yashika and Danny topped the list as they both earned five votes each, followed by Mahath and Janani with four and three votes respectively. Post the task, some of the inmates started wondering why no one put forward Mumtaz's name for which Balaji replied, "It's because of her attitude." Most of the inmates felt Danny is shrewd enough to keep himself from being nominated by other contestants.

Ex-contestant Snehan makes surprise visit to the house

This week's luxury budget task started with the contestants turning kids again for the Back to School task. Riythvika played the headmaster and the ex-Bigg Boss contestant Snehan visited the house as a surprise. As he conducted Tamil class for the housemates, he gave poems and rhymes for every inmate that suited their behavior; which Ramya easily figured it out. He remarked that no one is their true self in the house and everyone pretends to be someone else for the sake of cameras. A nostalgic Snehan took a walk down the memory lane and said, "This house means a lot to me. I request you all to at least sit together in this dining table for one meal a day. Make use of the opportunity you have now." He selected Ponnambalam as the best student for being game to such a task considering his age.

Bigg Boss held some exciting activities as part of the Back to School luxury budget activity. Ramya gave music lessons to the inmates and held a contest too. A task involved the housemates writing a message expressing their love, gratitude, anger or regret towards any person in their life.

Balaji pens heartfelt letter to estranged wife Nithya

Balaji penned a heartfelt letter to his estranged wife Nithya stressing that he has changed and looks forward to reuniting with her. Aishwarya wrote a letter to a secret angel to thank the person for being supportive and promised to make him proud. Since she felt Shariq would be hurt by this letter, she wanted to clarify some things with him. "He is a friend who did things even my family wouldn't do for me. If I didn't mention his name even now, he might think I am selfish. I didn't do this to hurt you," clarified Aishwarya. Vaishnavi counseled the inmates in person about any issues bothering them as per Bigg Boss' instructions.

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