Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Nithya evicted; Karthi's Kadaikutty Singam team visits the house

Surendhar MK

Jul 16, 2018 10:01:12 IST

As we witnessed in the first season of Bigg Boss, the inmates are prone to changing their favourites as the show progresses and this season is no different either. At the end of the fourth week, it is very evident that there is a drastic change in how the contestants judge their peers. Nithya and Balaji's heated arguments and war of words that hogged the limelight for the past three weeks waned. However, Nithya has been evicted from the show which will now continue with 13 housemates in the fifth week.

Mumtaz, Danny, Yashika and Aishwarya form a new team

The thieves' team, comprising Yashika,  Danny and Aishwarya, won the luxury budget task and earned points that only the trio can utilize. Though the trio felt awkward to use the whole luxury budget points themselves, they could not stop treating themselves with pizza and burger. Danny and Mumtaz, who did not get along in the first few weeks, developed a bond in this week. The quartet — Mumtaz, Danny, Yashika and Aishwarya — are the new team in the house. Most of the housemates started to feel that Mumtaz is utterly hypocritical and even Mumtaz could sense the growing hostility towards her. When host Kamal Haasan asked about the same during the weekend, she quoted some incidents about how she is becoming a soft target in the house.

Kadaikutty Singam team visits the Bigg Boss house

As actor Karthi, Soori and director Pandiraj visited the Bigg Boss house, Danny checked with them the general public opinion on the show. To which Karthi responded, "People feel season one was better than two because people are playing it safe this season and being fake."

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Nithya evicted; Karthis Kadaikutty Singam team visits the house

A still from Bigg Boss Tamil 2. YouTube

People are misinterpreting you and Shariq because of your actions and relationship with Yashika and Aishwarya. Don't forget that your personal life and image outside are at stake," comedian Soori advised Mahath during a personal interaction. The team played the Kadaikutty Singam trailer and conducted dumb-charades with movie titles. Pandiraj earnestly requested Nithya and Balaji to reconcile for their daughter and invited them to his home after the Bigg Boss season 2 gets over.

The backwash of luxury budget task

Yashika Anand was given the shield for the best performer of the Police-Thief task and Shariq was given the poor performer. "When things had turned appalling as a captain, you should have set it right," said Haasan, condemning Ramya's decision to give up on the luxury budget activity. The Bigg Boss got her a sash that had 'Unfit Leader' written on it.

Sendrayan recalled how an incident that happened between him and Shariq brought back some painful memories. "I came to Chennai without a penny, and no one was ready to offer me a job, even in a tea shop. as I had no belongings with me. One day, my friend and I went to a marriage hall so that we can have free food and got seated in the dining, but somehow the host noticed us and stopped us right before we had the food," told Sendrayan recalling his initial struggling days in Chennai.

Shariq's proposal continues to bother Aishwarya

Aishwarya was distressed about this week's eviction as her buddy Yashika was on the nomination list. She sat teary-eyed for most of Sunday's show, which the host did not fail to notice. To make matters worse, her relationship with Shariq was brought up for discussion once again. "My relationship with Shariq is mistaken by the audience and some of the inmates. Every week, the same topic surfaces time and again. Even Balaji anna was advising me about Shariq's family. Only I know what's happening but when this point is brought and discussed often, it bothers me a lot," said a broken Aishwarya.

Nithya advises estranged husband Balaji to keep his anger in check

Before he started with eviction announcement, Haasan conducted an activity to ease the participants. Playing the mute clips of inmates, he asked someone other than the actual person in the clip to dub for them. At the end of the fourth week, Nithya was evicted from the house. While Nithya explicitly mentioned about not going to reconcile with her estranged husband when she entered the show, she hinted about reuniting with Balaji during the exit. The inmates also wished for them to join as they got along well in these four weeks.

Nithya and Balaji hugged each other as the former bid adieu to the show after she was announced as the evicted contestant. She also advised Balaji to keep his anger in check for the next few weeks and come out of the show as the winner.

Updated Date: Jul 16, 2018 10:01:12 IST

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