Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Nithya becomes captain of the house; Mamathi, Ananth, Mumtaz face elimination

Surendhar MK

Jun 28, 2018 15:11:18 IST

The season two of Bigg Boss Tamil has completed ten days, and the show has gently picked up pace since both the positive and negative character traits of certain housemates have begun to surface over the past few days. The Master-Servant task assigned by Bigg Boss, where the male inmates took the role of Masters and female contestants enacted Servants, has gravely ruffled some feathers inside the house.

Bigg Boss independently elects Nithya as leader of the house without any nomination from contestants.

As Janani Iyer completed her stint as the captain of the house, contestants appreciated her leadership with a standing ovation. Later, Bigg Boss asked each inmate to select one candidate who they want to be evicted immediately. Most of them chose Nithya. In a surprise move, Bigg Boss announced Nithya as the leader of the house independently without anyone nominating her. "I'm selecting Nithya as the new captain for this week. Since everyone wants her to be evicted from the house, I provide her an opportunity to prove her leadership skills and regain everyone's trust," said Bigg Boss.

Mamathi Chari, Mumtaz, and Ananth Vaidyanathan face elimination.

Contestants have nominated Mamathi Chari, Mumtaz, and Ananth Vaidyanathan for elimination this week. Most contestants chose Ananth for his passive nature, and Mumtaz for her rebellious attitude. During one of the incidents, Ananth warned Daniel to maintain his limits while criticizing others. Visibly upset by Daniel's casual remarks and his devil-may-care attitude, Ananth became extremely anxious and struggled to mingle with others for a while before he turned normal.

When Vaishnavi told that Ponnambalam uttered something distasteful to Aishwarya, Mumtaj took that to Ponnambalam and asked him to ensure that it doesn't happen again. Ponnambalam retaliated that night he couldn't sleep because Mahath, Yashika, and Aishwarya were playing and making noises. The next day, Ponnambalam apologized to Aishwarya for what he said.

 Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Nithya becomes captain of the house; Mamathi, Ananth, Mumtaz face elimination

A still from Bigg Boss Tamil season 2/Image from YouTube.

Shariq expresses his love for Aishwarya Dutta, who rejects the proposal.

In the visibly budding chemistry between Shariq and Aishwarya, the former genuinely opens up that he liked the latter's sweet nature. For which Aishwarya replied that she is the sole breadwinner of her family and has to shoulder that responsibility till she becomes financially independent. She said she is not ready to get into a relationship, but insisted that she doesn't want to lose a friend in him. .

Shariq emphasized her not to put him out of her mind when they leave the Big Boss house. In another private chat between the duo, Aishwarya asked Shariq not to break down if she gets evicted first.

Master-Servant luxury budget task creates unrest in the house.

In this week's luxury budget task, all the female inmates were asked to assume the servant role and the male contestants the master role. This contentious task did spur some mess. When Mahath asked to wipe his body post-swim, Yashika Anand wanted to be a sport whereas Janani expressed that these orders were not agreeable.

Similarly, Mamathi and Mumtaz conveyed their dissent to orders like massaging and spoon feeding the masters. As a result, Mumtaz and Mamathi were selected as the helpers not performing the luxury budget task as per Bigg Boss's norms. Though some of the female contestants persuaded them to consider this as a task, the free-spoken Mumtaz knocked back.

When Vaishnavi put forth her opinion that it is not fair to expect the helpers to spoon feed and wipe the master's face, Aishwarya said it is comfortable for her to do and she is doing this for the luxury budget points, so there is nothing to fuss about.

Defiant Mumtaz leaves everyone in the house angry.

During their tittle-tattle, Aishwarya and Shariq blamed Mamathi for Mumtaz turning stiff-necked. Mumtaz removed her mic and demanded an audience with the Bigg Boss. This task created a dispute among the inmates when the masters suggested punishment for Mumtaz for being idle in the first few hours of the day. Mumtaz disagreed to perform the punishment task—to clean the swimming pool point blank.

Janani and Riythvika felt what Mumtaz is doing is not unacceptable and she has always been very straightforward and never backbites. In another squabble between Sendrayan and Mahath, Sendrayan was offended for being mocked at repeatedly. End of the day, an event was organized where the female inmates performed songs and danced for their masters to keep them in happy spirits.

Updated Date: Jun 28, 2018 15:11:18 IST