Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Yashika, Mahath face elimination

Surendhar MK

Jul 27, 2018 11:52:51 IST

The sixth week in the Bigg Boss house started with the cold war between the groups turning very obvious. Following the blatant accusations against fellow contestants during the weekend episodes, the inmates felt the urge to discuss the eviction nomination.

A plot for eviction?

Riythvika, in an open discussion with Janani said, "The title winner of the first season was a male. This time, only a female contestant should win, and it should be from our state." An empathetic Janani replied, "Tamil girls are overlooked by the Tamil film industry too." Janani, Vaishnavi, Balaji, and Riythvika started to count the number of eviction votes they are likely to get this week. Some even planned to target Mahath for this week's nomination, and the same was hinted to him by his buddy Janani.

Bigg Boss jails Mahath for violating the rules.

Bigg Boss played the inmates a series of clips where the inmates violated the rules of the house. Sleeping during daytime, contestants not being available to read out the task letter, speaking in languages other than Tamil to name a few. As a result, Bigg Boss announced that there would be no leader this week, and the housemates had to select one among themselves who violated the house rules very often. Mahath was generous enough to accept it. Bigg Boss jailed him for a day and nominated him directly for this week's eviction. He was also not allowed to nominate others for eviction and denied the house food too.

Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Yashika, Mahath face elimination

Unlike the previous weeks, the nomination process was carried out transparently. The housemates were asked to mark with a black and red dot any two contestants they wish to nominate. Vaishnavi topped the list followed by Mumtaz, Ponnambalam, Aishwarya, and Yashika. A dining table conversation in which Yashika and Aishwarya were talking about Ponnambalam in Hindi was also aired as part of the rules violation clips. Vaishnavi, who slightly mistranslated it to a curious Riythvika and Balaji, earned the wrath of Aishwarya leading to a lengthy dispute between the duo. Even as Vaishnavi tried to explain Aishwarya, the latter was not ready to listen. Aishwarya chose to save herself when Bigg Boss asked to use her superpower to protect someone or herself from the eviction.

Luxury budget task — Kargil Calling

Kargil Victory day is observed on 26 July every year. Some of the tasks were designed in a way to honor the army men; one such activity made the contestants to write a note for our soldiers. As every inmate read out their message, Shariq selected Danny's message as the best. Bigg Boss gifted an army edition bike for the best message. In this week's physically demanding luxury budget task, contestants divided into two groups, led by Mumtaz and Janani, had to complete a particular activity, and the winning team was granted access to specific areas like kitchen, bathroom, garden or bedroom. Shariq played the judge. The losing side had to perform the mini task given by the winning team to gain access. Janani's team gained access to kitchen and garden area, Mumtaz's team got bedroom access.

After performing a mini task when Mumtaz told that she would make her own tea, Janani denied Mumtaz access to the kitchen saying they will prepare the tea. This ended in an argument between Janani's team and Mumtaz; Shariq decided to punish Mumtaz for walking out of the kitchen during the conversation and asked her to do sit-ups, to which she didn't comply citing her health reasons.

Mumtaz' sheer stubbornness irks contestants

Mumtaz' sheer stubbornness made Shariq go over the board, and he didn't want to go easy on her. Mumtaz, who always had a soft corner for Shariq since he resembled her nephew, was visibly hurt and was in tears as she performed her punishment task. Riythvika felt Mumtaz, Janani and Shariq are taking the tasks personally.

"Shariq is a closed chapter in my life. Never will I talk to him henceforth," said Mumtaz. Shariq was also seen justifying his remarks and punishment to Mahath in a conversation outside the house. During the first week, Shariq and Mumtaz won the hearts of audiences with their teary-eyed speeches and their mother-son relationship. Now, it looks like this is the beginning of the end of their adorable relationship.

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