Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Mumtaz evicted; Arav launches first look of Raja Bheema

Surendhar MK

Sep 17, 2018 10:12:12 IST

The thirteenth week in the Bigg Boss Tamil season two ended with the eviction of Mumtaz, who had successfully escaped elimination nine times in the past. Arav, the title winner of season one, made a grand entry into the house and launched the first look poster of his debut film Raja Bheema on the show. Now, season two has entered its final stage with just six inmates including Balaji, Yashika, Aishwarya, Janani, Vijayalakshmi, and Riythvika.

First look of Arav's action thriller Raja Bheema launched

 Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Mumtaz evicted; Arav launches first look of Raja Bheema

Mumtaz; first look of Arav's Raja Bheema. Images via Twitter/@VijayTelevision

Arav's dramatic entry into the house left the contestants in complete awe. Launching the first look poster of his debut film Raja Bheema, he said, "I owe everything now I am to the Bigg Boss show; so I wanted to launch my film's first-look here. Raja Bheema is an action entertainer that deals with the conflicts between a man and animal. The film is directed by a debutante named Naresh," said Arav, who was full of nostalgia and gratitude for the platform.

Arav plays a mahout in the film, which is produced by Surabhi Films. The first schedule has been completed in Palakkad and the next leg of shooting will soon get kickstarted in Pollachi, followed by the final schedule in Coimbatore.

Season one contestants lock horns with the housemates

The contestants from the previous and current season of the reality show contended against each other in most of the tasks this week. Season two housemates played with great unity, leaving all their differences behind. In an episode, Gayathri spoke for Aishwarya, and asked Janani and Riythvika to reconsider their attitude towards her. "When Oviya and I had a fallout, I completely ignored her; however there were others by her side like Aarav and Raiza. But when Aishwarya cried the other day and no one tried to console her, it was something different," remembered Gayathri.

Janani grabs the 'ticket' to finale

After the task letter for the ticket to finale was read, it was Aishwarya who first rushed to the garden area to check the setup. The contestants holding a full bowl of water had to walk on a circular podium until the task buzzer was heard. After every round, one contestant was eliminated from the task based upon the measure of water in their bowl. The season one contestants umpired the task and the activity extended till the next day morning.

"It was this day I was expecting all along. But when the moment arrived, I failed to make use of it," said a disheartened Aishwarya, who was ousted after completing only a few rounds. To everyone's surprise, Janani won the ticket to finale, beating Yashika in the final round of the task. In the weekend episode, even Yashika expressed how she misjudged Janani to be a weak contestant who proved her wrong with her determination.

What's missing in season two?

"I feel team spirit in this season of Bigg Boss is low when compared to the previous seasons. There were many instances of the inmates getting hurt physically, but they didn't make a fuss about it. Season two contestants didn't take such accidents easy but started to complain like school kids. What could be the reason?" asked Kamal Haasan. "The reason is, there was no vengeance, belittling or strategies in the previous season. In this season, housemates take things personally," replied Mumtaz.

Mumtaz evicted from the house

Revealing this week's eviction results, Haasan mentioned that the difference in vote garnered by Mumtaz and Aishwarya was not so huge. He also referred to how Riythvika's votes increased manifold this week. After the season one contestants left the house, Mumtaz was shown the door and an emotional farewell was bid.

"Please don't discriminate based on language, but support each other. I will see you all out," told Mumtaz. On the stage, Mumtaz revealed her crush for Kamal Haasan during her teenage.

"This is the ninth time I got nominated, and I think I'm the only contestant who was nominated so many times in the Bigg Boss journey. I am a strong-willed person because a strong mother raised me," said Mumtaz. Kamal Haasan replied saying, "No matter who, Tamilians will always reciprocate the love they receive." After bidding Mumtaz adieu, Haasan revealed the inmates that there would be a double eviction the coming week.

Updated Date: Sep 17, 2018 10:12:12 IST