Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Mahat evicted; Vijayalakshmi makes wild card entry

Surendhar MK

Aug 27, 2018 11:53:52 IST

After viewers of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 flooded social media platforms, complaining about how Kamal Haasan overlooked specific issues that deserved attention, this week's episode turned out to be a joyride for them. Haasan, the host, roasted Mahat, Aishwarya, and Yashika with a barrage of questions.

Mahat faces Kamal Haasan's questions. Image via Twitter/@VijayTelevision

Mahat faces Kamal Haasan's questions on Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Image via Twitter/@VijayTelevision

A nasty play in the name of a task

After a day-long struggle, the Superheroes' team were on the verge of completing the task. And by this time, Riythvika had already predicted an impending role reversal. Mumtaz and Danny often registered their bruises on camera and complained about Mahat indulging in physical violence, which the Supervillains thought was silly. "Everyone is getting hurt, and not everyone is drawing attention by showing their wounds to the cameras," said Mahat.

Balaji put forth his opinion to take the tasks lightly, "If you leave the house and happen to watch the show, you will hate yourself for doing such things for the sake of task," Balaji taunted Mahat, who used this week's luxury budget task to abuse Mumtaz verbally.

Villains turn heroes

When the roles were reversed and an extra task of diffusing a bomb with magnetic keys was given to the new Superheroes, Aishwarya and Yashika did their best to provoke Janani and Riythvika, but they kept their cool. Aishwarya went to the extremes of pouring spicy curry over Riythvika's head. For the first few hours, they didn't even bother to try their tricks on their buddy Mahat but targeted Riythvika, Janani and Sendrayan alone. The trio - Mahat, Yashika, and Aishwarya - regardless of the team they were in, showed a biased attitude and Yashika at times favored Mahat, going against her team's ethics.

In a discussion with Danny, Mumtaz revealed she didn't want the best performer title to come to her or Yashika and Aishwarya. She urged him to perform well and grab the title to earn the immunity or leadership to escape getting nominated for next week's eviction. Danny demanded an interaction with Bigg Boss and stopped participating in the task until then. While Mumtaz and Balaji supported him by joining in, Yashika and Aishwarya played the task. Janani, Riythvika, Balaji, and Danny were chosen for the least participation and directly nominated for next week's eviction.

Actress Vijayalakshmi enters the house as wildcard entrant

Vijayalakshmi of Chennai 28 fame arrived in the Bigg Boss house as a wild card entry. After quite some time, Mahat realised she wasn't connecting with him despite being a good friend outside and tells Aishwarya, "She knows me better than anyone in this house. She isn't ready to strike up a conversation, but she mingles well with Danny, Sendrayan, and Janani. I'm puzzled about her weird behavior and the way she ignores you and Yashika."

Mahat evicted from the house

Mahat emerged as the leader for the coming week after he finished a task given by Bigg Boss. As soon as he became the captain, he plotted with Aishwarya and Yashika to nominate Mumtaz directly. "Even if I get eliminated this week, I will make Yashika the leader, and you will directly nominate Mumtaz; if given the power to save someone, use it to protect Aishwarya," said Mahat.

In the action-packed weekend episode, Kamal aired a kurumpadam (short film) of Mahat verbally abusing Mumtaz and asked him to take care of his language. "The average IQ of contestants in season 2 is way lesser than season one. It might worry you, but if it helps you to improve your behavior, I'm happy!" Haasan remarked while talking about the contestants using violence and being easily manipulated. "Mahat has some good qualities which he failed to reflect in the show as he was influenced by Aishwarya and Yashika," observed Riythvika. After Mahat was shown the red card and evicted this week, Aishwarya and Yashika cried their hearts out.

Farewell done right

Though most of the inmates had issues with Mahat, many felt he would be better once he is out as they bid him adieu. "I should have trusted the love Mumtaz showed," regretted Mahat after he came out of the house. For the next several minutes, Yashika wept bitterly and said, "He is a good person; I loved him, and he loved me too. This would have given the audience a wrong impression of him, resulting in his eviction."

Updated Date: Aug 27, 2018 11:54:30 IST