Bigg Boss Tamil 2 weekly updates: Danny, Vaishnavi, Sendrayan, Janani Iyer and Riythvika face elimination

Surendhar MK

Aug 16, 2018 11:09:32 IST

The ninth week in the Bigg Boss Tamil house started with the inmates voicing their opinion on Yashika's impromptu confession about her relationship with Mahat. Unlike the previous evictions, the inmates didn't seem to be missing Ponnambalam, who was evicted last week.

Conflicts sends ripples through the house

When Yashika confessed her love for Mahat, it sent ripples through the house and the inmates started to discuss their complicated relationship in groups. Vaishnavi and Janani raved about Yashika's honesty in expressing her love on a television channel. "I don't want to tarnish Mahat's image outside," replied Yashika. Mahat was quite puzzled about why Yashika would defend her act like this; Aishwarya promised him that she would set things right between them and even hinted that Mumtaz is the reason behind Yashika's changes. But Yashika's intention was not to make this whole issue appear as Mahat's slip.

A still from Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Image via Twitter/@vijaytelevision

A still from Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Image via Twitter/@vijaytelevision

Danny, Vaishnavi, Sendrayan, Janani, and Riythvika nominated for eviction

Dartboards with the contestants' photos were arranged in the garden area for the nomination process. Danny was nominated for the first time in this season, and it was an open nomination this week. Not being sporting enough to take negative feedback is the reason given by the inmates for nominating him. Some of the inmates felt Vaishnavi did not utilise her second chance and chose her. Janani was nominated for being diplomatic and trying to be nice to everyone.

Throughout the nomination process, Danny tried to influence some inmates like Mahat, Sendrayan, and Aishwarya to nominate someone else so that he could escape the list. Aishwarya, as the house captain, was given the power to select an inmate for the direct nomination and she was already prepared for this. Janani and Riythvika's names were in her mind, and since the former was already nominated, she chose Riythvika quoting that she's not easy to make friends with.

Aishwarya becomes the leader again

Aishwarya and Janani outshined others in the roleplaying task and got the opportunity to contest for the captain's election. On the platform laid over the swimming pool, the leader nominees had to fight with a club and push the opponent in the pool to emerge as the winner. Aishwarya won all the three rounds and became the house captain this week. Janani was already prepared for this and said, "I know I can't win this task with my physique." Post the task, the new leader, Aishwarya, mentioned that she would be a good leader this week, unlike her previous tenure.

Another fiercely-played luxury budget task

This week's luxury budget task was to make soft dolls in two groups; one led by Mumtaz and the other led by Balaji. The raw materials were supplied to the contestants on a conveyor belt set up in the garden area. As the siren blared, the teams surrounded the belt to collect their raw materials and started to put their hands inside the passage to get most of the supplies.

Mahat and Danny played fiercely and engaged in a brawl several times during this process that sparked off with the former's ill temper. Mumtaz's team comprising Mahat, Sendrayan, Janani, and Vaishnavi made more dolls than Balaji's. Balaji and Mumtaz played the supervisors to quality check the dolls and earned Bigg Boss currency for the dolls which successfully passed the quality check.

Mahat strikes again; commotion in the house

Though Mumtaz played it fair, the opponent team's supervisor, Balaji, rejected many dolls of her team purposely. Following which, Mumtaz too had to resort to the same trick. Mahat attempted to steal the opponent team's money and pushed down Riythvika who came to save her team's funds. It created a commotion among the housemates complaining about Mahat using violence to win. Some even blamed Mumtaz for being unjust whereas she tried to make Mahat follow the rules from time to time and Mahat blamed his reflexes.

The inmates stayed the whole night in the garden area to protect their money by taking turns. Due to their substandard performance, Bigg Boss called Yashika, Danny, Aishwarya, and Riythvika into the confession room to choose a new supervisor from amongst them. Yashika was made the new supervisor unanimously. During the quality checks, Yashika rejected many dolls prepared by Mumtaz's team, and it was not a fair play.

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