Bigg Boss Tamil 2: NSK Ramya's leadership revoked; Yaashika, Nithya, Ponnambalam, Balaji face elimination

Surendhar MK

Jul 12, 2018 12:24:17 IST

The week four in the Bigg Boss house started with the frenzy created by Ponnambalam's solitary confinement on Sunday. The housemates split into groups based on their opinions like whether or not the actions of Ponnambalam, Aishwarya and Yaashika Anand are justifiable. Some wanted to remain unaffiliated and a few sympathized with Aishwarya and Yaashika, and offered their support.

Aftermaths of Ponnambalam's lockup

When the inmates wanted to protest against Ponnambalam's jail punishment, Balaji opined that Ramya is pretending just because she's elected the leader. Riythvika suggested Ponnambalam to avail the penalty option since Bigg Boss has never taken back his penalties. Mumtaz, as a gesture of being compassionate, tried to stay outside the jail room to give company to Ponnambalam. However, a cynical Ponnambalam said, "You are going to brag about doing all this. I don't need your help at all. I'd be happy if you go inside and leave me alone."

NSK Ramya elected leader; Yaashika, Nithya, Ponnambalam, Balaji face elimination

Bigg Boss tried an unusual nomination process for this week's eviction. Instead of calling the housemates individually, he requested them to come to his room in groups and asked to nominate one from each group with the reason. The person with maximum votes in every group was nominated for this week. Yaashika, Ponnambalam, Nithya, and Balaji were on this week's list.

A bowl of water was given to each contestant, and, to be elected as the leader, the person had to secure the water in it from spilling. In the end, if no one's bowl had water, then Vaishnavi will continue as this week's captain. Given that any contestant can disturb or help others to preserve the fellow inmates' bowl, it was Ramya who managed to guard her bowl with the help of some housemates.

Another episode of Ponnambalam's reckless control over his tongue spurred an argument in the house. About Sendrayan lifting Vaishnavi during the task, Ponnambalam said, "I can't do that in the daytime but can succeed in the night." Vaishnavi expressed her opinion that it is not fair to use such words recalling his episode with Aishwarya. Ponnambalam defended that he didn't intend anything filthy. The incident slowly spread across the housemates, and the rift between the groups widened. Though some contestants like Nithya, Balaji and Janani could realize Ponnambalam's mistake, they stood by him quoting that he knows his limits with them.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2: NSK Ramyas leadership revoked; Yaashika, Nithya, Ponnambalam, Balaji face elimination

A still from Bigg Boss Tamil/Image from YouTube.

Unrest between Mahath and Yaashika

During the nomination process, the Bigg Boss called Mahath, Yaashika, and Aishwarya together and asked them to nominate one of them for elimination this week. After a lot of hesitation and awkwardness, Mahath nominated Yashika. The guilt of nominating his buddy in the house ruined his mood, and it reflected in his actions. Yaashika tried to prevent this from creating unrest between them, but Mahath was already consumed by guilt.

Police-Thief Luxury Budget Task creates furor in the house

This week's luxury budget task brought back the season one's Police-Thief activity. Danny, Yaashika, and Aishwarya played thieves. Mumtaz, Mahath, and Sendrayan played police and rest of the contestants as commoners. A fraction of the contestants — Ramya, Riythvika, Vaishnavi, Nithya, Balaji, Shariq, and Janani felt few inmates are stooping too low and wanted to stop participating in the activity.

A still from Bigg Boss Tamil/Image from YouTube.

A still from Bigg Boss Tamil/Image from YouTube.

NSK Ramya's leadership revoked by Bigg Boss

Ramya announced in front of the camera that they are not continuing the luxury budget task which ripped her off her captain-ship and directly nominated her for next week's eviction. Bigg Boss warned the inmates that whoever boycotts the luxury budget task will also be nominated for next week's eviction. As Mumtaz worked in favor of the thieves, she earned the wrath of the commoners. Most inmates found her being cocky and a bad listener who wants to convey only her point in an argument. Amidst all these commotion, Danny, Yaashika, and Aishwarya were seen enjoying their role as thieves.

During the course of the luxury budget activity, Balaji and Mahath caught up in a brawl and exchanged cuss words, and Mahath called him 'joker' in a demeaning tone. Minutes later, Mahath saw Balaji in tears and started apologizing for his words. A gravely offended Balaji asked him to give sometime. Mahath touched his feet and regretted the words he blurted out in anger.

Updated Date: Jul 12, 2018 12:24:17 IST