Bigg Boss Tamil 2 grand finale: Riythvika wins the title; Aishwarya Dutta declared runner-up

The grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 2 was a mega affair with season one contestants Aarav, Oviya and actor Vijay Deverakonda in attendance

Surendhar MK October 01, 2018 10:28:40 IST
Bigg Boss Tamil 2 grand finale: Riythvika wins the title; Aishwarya Dutta declared runner-up

It was the D-Day for the top three finalists — Riythvika, Aishwarya and Vijayalakshmi — in the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil. The finale started with Kamal Haasan taking some questions from the viewers who were curious about his return as the host for the next season of Bigg Boss. Haasan confirmed that he will host the third season of the reality show as well. After a short interaction between the finalists and their fans, the evicted contestants performed on customised dance numbers customised which had their now-viral dialogues spoken in the show.

When Sendrayan and Mahat visited the Bigg Boss house during Friday's episode, they conducted a contest where the finalists pretended to be the winning candidate and made a speech. "After I went home and got to watch the episodes, I missed this place and my bed. During the family week when all your families visited you, I couldn't help but shed tears. Everyone has made some mistakes here, but no one has committed any crime to be hated by the public," said Mahat, who regretted some of his actions during his stay in the house.

Vijay Deverakonda visits the house to promote NOTA

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 grand finale Riythvika wins the title Aishwarya Dutta declared runnerup

Vijay Deverakonda with Kamal Haasan. Image via Twitter/@myfirstshow

Arjun Reddy sensation Vijay Deverakonda visited the house to promote his upcoming political thriller NOTA. He brought with him the Bigg Boss trophy for the finalists and had a chat about their experience of spending their life in seclusion from the rest of the world. An amount of rupees ten lakh from the total cash prize was sent in a drone inside the house for the finalists. One among the three could opt to take the money and quit the show if they wished. Aishwarya who was ready to take the amount and leave the show was stopped by Riythvika and Vijayalakshmi.

Family members of evicted contestants pose tough questions

On the finale day, after the performances, Kamal Haasan came to the stage in ethnic wear. Some family members of the contestants were seated on the dais and churned out a flurry of questions. Sendrayan's wife Malarvizhi asked Aishwarya why she used a deceptive ploy to make him color his hair. "I knew Sendrayan would do the task to save me but I was not confident about the people around him. So I had to lie," replied Aishwarya.

"You retweeted and liked whatever tweets and posts defamed Mumtaz. Why do you have so much vengeance against her?" Mumtaz's brother asked Nithya. "The 'Mumtaz Army' and other pages supporting her abused me a lot on the web. I liked some posts that I found right or funny. Also, I had an admin to take care of my page. I haven't posted anything against her," retorted Nithya.

Mumtaz requests fans to maintain decorum

Later, Mumtaz requested her fans to maintain decorum in whatever they post and be kind to everyone. When this sparked off a dispute, Mahat apologised to Mumtaz and her brother for what he did. Danny's wife Denisha used the opportunity to tell everyone to put their past behind and be grateful for the friends they got through the show and maintain the bonds for their lifetime.

Aarav, the title winner of the reality show's first edition, came to announce this week's eviction. After Vijayalaskhmi was evicted and brought to the stage, she was all thanks for the audiences' support that brought a wildcard entrant to the top three. "When the house already had strong contestants like Yashika, Janani, Mumtaz and Aishwarya, I was puzzled about my own strategy to stand out. But then, I decided to be my true self. It paid off and I'm standing here in the final stage.

First season sensation Oviya pays surprise visit

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 grand finale Riythvika wins the title Aishwarya Dutta declared runnerup

Oviya attends the grand finale of Bigg Boss Tamil 2. Image via Twitter/@oviyaarmy190

Some interesting trophies were handed out to a few contestants. Yashika received one for being the best task performer and dancer in the house. Nithya was named the best captain of the house and Balaji, the best entertainer.

Oviya who rose to fame through the show's first season expressed her happiness in returning to the show and had a quick interaction with the audience too. "I hope you guys had an amazing experience. Good or bad, I too had an experience for life here in the house."

When she was asked about her relationship with Aarav now, she said, "Yes, we are in touch with each other and it's a very healthy relationship."

"I have my films lined up for release; maybe it will take a couple of months. I am going to spend my whole life in Chennai," she told a fan, who had expressed his disappointment with not seeing her on the big screen after the show.

Riythvika declared the winner of season two

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 grand finale Riythvika wins the title Aishwarya Dutta declared runnerup

Riythvika wins the second season of Bigg Boss Tamil. Image via Twitter/@biggbosslive

As Bigg Boss delivered his final speech, Riythvika and Aishwarya sat with their eyes brimming with tears. When it was the time for the announcement, Kamal Haasan went inside the house to bring the finalists to the stage. As he prepared them a special coffee, Aishwarya and Riythvika had a leisurely conversation about their coffee habits and future plans with him.

"When I first came here, I kept myself aloof and I could neither force a conversation nor develop a bond with the inmates. But through the journey, I developed a great bond not only with the inmates but also with the Bigg Boss house. I started treating this as my house and organised everything as I would have done in my own house," said Riythvika, who had no idea how many hearts she had won with her calm and composed nature.

After announcing the votes garnered by the winning candidate (one crore and sixty lakhs), Kamal Haasan lifted Riythvika's hands announcing her the winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season two. Riythvika burst out in tears and expressed her desire to be an inspiration to all the simple-looking women like her. Aishwarya was declared the runner-up of the show.

"Thanks to every single person who voted for me. I am that kind of a normal, simple girl whom you can see in your schools, offices and neighborhoods. I wish to stand as an inspiration for many women out there like me. Don't worry about how you look but be confident about what you are and you will succeed," said an emotional Riythvika on a concluding note.

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