Bigg Boss 10: Rahul Dev talks about his shock eviction, and how rules are relaxed for Swami Om

Seema Sinha

Dec 19, 2016 11:43:15 IST

On Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10, model-turned-actor, Rahul Dev was not considered one of the strong contenders in the game, but he was definitely very popular. It would be ridiculous to compare his popularity to that of his co-contestant, Nitibha Kaul, who was nominated along with Rahul this week but was declared 'safe'. Voting trends on social media favoured Rahul, despite which he has been ousted after nine weeks in the Bigg Boss house. Immediately after Rahul stepped out of the house, a visibly shocked and elated Nitibha was heard asking Manu Punjabi, wasn't Rahul Dev the biggest celebrity in the house?

Amid rumours that the makers want to cash in on the Manveer-Nitibha affair which is currently the talking point, and which Rahul too hinted at during a chat with Firstpost, he is happy that he's out of the show for multiple personal reasons: “I have many responsibities, both, personal and professional. I have my elderly parents and my son is coming down soon from London where he is studying. It is not possible that I don’t meet him when he’s here,” said Rahul — an introvert by nature — who had expected to last in the house for five weeks at the most. “The first three days were quite tough and unnatural for me and I had mentioned this to Salman during a weekend episode,” he added.

 Bigg Boss 10: Rahul Dev talks about his shock eviction, and how rules are relaxed for Swami Om

Rahul Dev. Image courtesy Bigg Boss 10

The show host and superstar Salman, referring to Rahul, also commented that he had never seen a contestant so happy after being eliminated from the show. Earlier, before entering the show, Rahul, had said, “I am doing ‘Bigg Boss’ due to financial reasons. I am doing the show for my son Siddharth who is studying abroad. I need the money to support his education. This time I was offered a good deal so I agreed to do the show.”
Talking about his journey in the Bigg Boss house, Rahul said, “It was good, at times bad, but never ugly.” And on a lighter note, talking about the biggest change he notices in him, he laughed and said, “I can now cook any dish. I cooked there for all the housemates for two-a-half days whereas I have never ever stepped into the kitchen." And the co-contestant who helped Rahul whip up many of the dishes was Lopamudra Raut. “She is the best chef in the house,” he said, further adding that as a ‘sevak’, eating food on a banana leaf was quite challenging. (In the first week, the show was divided into 'Celebrities' and 'Indiawaale' wherein the former had to play the part of 'Sevaks'.)

And no points for guessing what, or rather who, left him shocked or bewildered — “Swami Om,” said Rahul. “He surprises you all the time. He takes those U-turns perpetually, and he will survive because he is getting support from everybody. There are certain rules in the house but rules are relaxed for him. Even though sleeping inside the house is punishable, he dozes off many times in a day and nothing happens to him. I won’t say that the makers are being unfair, but he is creating a software that people are watching. He is the heart of the software.”

He continues, “It is very simple, it is like a journalist who gives a good copy, or a film, a commercial story that runs at the box office. It’s all about commerce exchanging hands. So I won’t call the decision as fair or unfair, in the end it is all about the TRPs. The makers know that he will create buzz all the time and will provide constant entertainment." Well, Swami Om, who has often told the show host Salman that his antics are deliberate and that ‘his fans’ like the entertainment he provides, by now is fully aware of what is needed from him from the show, and what will help him survive.

Rahul added, “When I mention Karan Mehra’s (Bigg Boss 10 contestant and popular television actor who was evicted few weeks ago) name nobody reacts, but when I mention Swami Om, everybody reacts in some way or the other, it could also be negative or emotion of anger. But the fact is that he is being noticed. The whole mood of the software is voyeurism, audience derive voyeuristic pleasure out of Bigg Boss wherein what is negative too becomes positive.”

Initially, in one of the 'Weekend Ka Vaar' episodes, Rahul, owing to his limited involvement in tasks and other house related matters, attracted criticism and was also reprimanded by Salman Khan for being low on enthusiasm. Rahul justifies this while talking about the circumstances the celebrities were thrown in. “When we got in, we were told there were two teams – 'Indiawaale' and 'Celebrities' which didn't make sense to me because we are all Indiawaale. As a celebrity once I represented a cause as 'Indiawaale'. And then, we were made the 'sevaks' of the house, which was a boring job. To be sincere is very boring. But Salman was very kind to me, he gave me lot of dignity, that situation never occurred where I felt slapped. Even during my eviction, Salman was very kind and he too was quite surprised with my eviction.”

Of late, one found certain contestants like Lopa and Manu (who broke down when Rahul was evicted) turning to Rahul for his advice or speaking about their feelings to him. “I was little stronger than the rest in that department but I could never do things that I wasn’t comfortable with. For instance, I could never start dancing in the morning when the music played, or even otherwise. Mona’s passionate about dancing and when she danced it looked natural. Few others may try the same route but then that's not reality, and we were on a reality show.”

Summing up his experience, Rahul said, “Bigg Boss was sort of a self-discovery; a learning experience that was packed with many bittersweet memories. The house and its inmates taught me how to be patient and deal with difficult and uncomfortable situations. Thanks to Bigg Boss, I have finally overcome my fear of the kitchen and cooking and I am glad that after this, I can cook a decent food. I am going to miss spending time with Rohan and Lopamudra and going to definitely root for them and looking forward to seeing them as the finalist of the show.”

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Updated Date: Dec 19, 2016 11:43:15 IST