Bigg Boss 10: Have Indiawale like Manoj Punjabi, Swami Om, become the real 'stars'?

Seema Sinha

Nov 04, 2016 15:42:35 IST

Colors TV’s long-running reality show Bigg Boss is now heading into the third week of its tenth season.

And in this duration, it’s clearly the ‘Indiawale’ — the non-celebrity contestants on the show — who’ve proven to be the bigger stars.

Except for the recent ‘secret task’ (where the celebrities had to capture the Indiawale in 12 orchestrated moments, like a sting operation), the ‘commoners’ as they’re called, have given the celebrities tough competition every step of the way.

 Bigg Boss 10: Have Indiawale like Manoj Punjabi, Swami Om, become the real stars?

The Indiawale have given the celebrities tough competition on every task in Bigg Boss 10 so far


Former Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi has been closely following Bigg Boss 10 — especially since she’s been called upon to provide her comments and analysis to the present set of contenders in the ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ special episodes hosted by Salman Khan.

Kamya sat down with Firstpost to share her impressions of the contestants’ performance so far:

“It’s an hour-long show, but I can see the celebrities only for 10 minutes and rest of it is dominated by the Indiawale,” Kamya said. “Be it entertainment, or from the content/show/TRP point of view, it is the Indiawale who are doing exceedingly well.”

She added a tart observation: “Haven't the celebrities removed their make-up yet? I don’t see passion among the celebrity contestants in doing the tasks. The Indiawale are taking a stand, celebrities are not. There’s no ‘bulund awaaz’ (strong voice) among the celebrities, although I like Lopamudra Raut and Rohan Mehra because they do come out strongly at times. When Priyanka (Jagga) was wreaking havoc in the house in the first week, none of the celebrities had the guts to take a stand against her. She kept saying that she was playing a game, doing a task and she was making it entertaining. So why blame her?”

Kamya feels, based on their strong showing so far, it wouldn’t come as a major surprise if one of the Indiawale was to win Bigg Boss 10.

Television actor and host Karan Wahi also shared a similar thought. “It looks like the celebrities are extras in a movie,” he said. “They’re seen only seen in the background while the commoners are always at the forefront.”

Meanwhile, season one contestant Kashmira Shah said that knowing some of the celebrity contenders personally, their lacklustre showing was a bit of a surprise. "I don't understand why aren't they being themselves? I can understand the celebrities don't want to fight, but at least take a stand. Gaurav (Chopra) is a friend and he's trying his best not to retaliate. But it's okay to fight back if you are in the right. Taking s**t is the biggest stupidity. The Indiawale are doing well as they have nothing to lose. Ultimately, the show has to be entertaining. I'm loving Swami Om and Manu — it's fun to watch them. How I wish I was inside the house! In tasks, you have to do whatever you are told but celebrities should forget who they are and stop taking s**t; they have to pull up their socks."

Kashmira added, "I'm missing Rakhi Sawant and Sabhavana Seth on the show. There was so much drama! Rakhi and I fought all the time, but there was a method to madness."


Former Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi feels it wouldn't be a surprise if one of the Indiawle wins the reality show this season

Former Bigg Boss contestant Kamya Punjabi feels it wouldn't be a surprise if one of the Indiawle wins the reality show this season

So just who are the contestants who’ve made a strong impression so far?

Manu Punjabi 

Manu Punjabi was considered too aggressive in the first week and quarreled with the other contestants over small issues. However, he has mellowed down and has become an audience favourite. He puts his points across without screaming, shouting. He’s always ready with advice and suggestions for his teammates, as well as the rivals. They listen to him and trust him as well.

Manu has been bonding well with celebrity contestant Mona Lisa (Antara Biswas), who confides in him and doesn't seem to trust her own teammates like Gaurav Chopra, Rahul Dev or Bani J.

Even Lopamudra was seen seeking Manu’s advice.

“Who does she go to in her own team anyway, there’s nothing happening there!” Kamya observed.

Manu can be very engaging and entertaining. His jests at Swami Om’s expense are hilarious. He may be a tough fighter, competitor and someone eager to win the game but he is seen as balancing these out with his fair views, understanding and bonding with teammates.

His crude ways and ogling of the women when they step into the swimming pool is a major irritant.

As Kamya pointed out, “Both Manu and Manveer (Gujjar) are not bad people. They don’t hold grudges against anyone when it comes to tasks. They don’t use people and they aren’t spoilsports either. They are the real entertainers. Also, when Salman asks Gaurav whether he considers Manu his competition and Gaurav says, 'Yes', Manu expresses joy. This shows that he expresses his true feelings.”


The celebrities, says TV actor Karan Wahi, have reduced their presence to that of 'background extras'

The celebrities, says TV actor Karan Wahi, have reduced their presence to that of 'background extras'

Gaurav Chopra

A senior television actor, Gaurav is sensible, dignified, fairly balanced and handles situations well. At times, he offers sound advice to his teammates. He’s almost a representative of the celebrity team — but then he isn’t doing nothing when it comes to providing entertainment. One does get a feeling that he is a bit insecure with his team member, Mona Lisa, mingling with the Indiawale and he has been trying to take her into confidence. But Mona, who accused Gaurav of snubbing her in front of Bigg Boss host Salman, doesn’t feel too comfortable with him. Gaurav has formed his team with Karan Mehra, Bani J and Rohan Mehra.


Karan Mehra

So far, Karan is not seen much, is not vociferous about taking a stand, and appears dumbfounded by the proceedings many a times. He comes across as a gossip-monger and somebody who’s interested in flippant things. For instance, when he noticed Manu and Mona holding hands, he quickly went and mentioned it to his teammates.

Kamya opined that he should have addressed his concerns to Mona herself, rather than going to Gaurav and Bani with it. “That was really very bad on his part and quite surprising as well. Instead of gossiping had he gone to Mona and told her what he felt, it was understandable. And three weeks is enough to be seen and heard. I have hardly seen him on the show,” she said.


It's time for the celebrities to up their game on Bigg Boss 10 — that's the consensus

It's time for the celebrities to up their game on Bigg Boss 10 — that's the consensus

Bani J

Bani has been a letdown on the show. She was expected to be opinionated and have a strong voice (especially since she is a former reality TV show alum, Roadies). However, over the past few days, her attitude hasn’t gone down well with viewers: She threw a tantrum after Rohan Mehra unwittingly injured her. While Rohan, who was weeping himself out ofguilt, went up to her to apologise several times, Bani refused to hear him out. Her tantrum escalated when she was ‘punished’ by Bigg Boss (along with Gaurav and Rahul) for speaking in English.

“I fail to understand what Bani’s trying to do. She has been very quiet in the first week. It’s been three weeks and the real Bani still hasn’t emerged,” said Kamya.


Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa — aka Antara Biswas — was initially compared to another Bigg Boss contestant, actress Rimi Sen. Sen too wouldn’t do much on the show and was often pulled up by Salman Khan.

But Mona is now gaining confidence, especially after the secret task in which she had kiss Manu’s cheek.  In Thursday night’s episode (3 November), she exposed her teammates’ double standards and biases when they couldn’t name anyone amongst them to be sent to jail.

Mona’s found support among the Indiawale and she’s become an audience favourite too. This means she could corner quite a few ‘sympathy votes’.

At the same time, the celebrities are trying to woo her ‘back’ — so it’s a win-win situation for Mona.

Kamya said: “Yes, Mona performed the secret task very well. That kiss to Manu was very crucial for the task. Besides the way she was treated by her team, for instance, some of them asking her whether she could understand Hindi was quite humiliating for her, which Mona has expressed.”


Om Swami

Om Swami is certainly a hypocrite and misogynist. On the one hand, he advocates Indian culture and gives lectures on parampara and labels Lokesh Kumari 'characterless' for hanging around with Rohan and getting into the pool with him. Then, he asks Lopa and Mona to clean him up in the jacuzzi as they are his ‘daasis’ and he enjoys all of that. He even dances to a Bollywood number with Mona every morning, and ogled her and Lopa when they were in the swimming pool. He’s clearly enjoying his time in the Bigg Boss house.

Kamya described Swami Om as essentially “harmless”: “When he screams and people laugh at him, he understands that he’s in the wrong.”

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