Bigg Boss 10, Episode 75, 30 December, 2016: Captain Manveer sends Gaurav, Swami Om to ‘jail'

Seema Sinha

Dec 31, 2016 10:27:59 IST

It’s another fiery day in the Bigg Boss house.  Rohan Mehra is still upset about being nominated for the whole season as a punishment for slapping Swami Om.  He locks himself inside the bathroom, and disposes his microphone. Even after a warning from Bigg Boss, Rohan refuses to come out. Bigg Boss gives Rohan a last chance to rethink his decision of leaving the show.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 75, 30 December, 2016: Captain Manveer sends Gaurav, Swami Om to ‘jail

A still from Bigg Boss 10 Episode 75

Bigg Boss further announces that he not only would have to pay a huge amount (Rs two crore) as per their contract but also will tarnish his image in the showbiz, in the process. Wow! That is some blackmail on Bigg Boss’ part. Rohan comes out of the bathroom after insistence from Nitibha, Lopamudra and Gaurav.

Soon, Gaurav goes inside the bathroom and has a chat with Rohan, and both come out in some time. Still upset and distressed about the incident that occured the previous night, Rohan remains secluded and burrows under his blanket and refuses to talk to anyone. He holds on to the decision of leaving the show. He says that Bigg Boss is being biased towards commoners, has been favouring them and is unfair to celebrities. Lopa tells him this was no way of protesting and even if he wants to leave the show, he should do it with dignity.

While Lopa and Rohan are having a discussion, Swami Om, being his troublesome self, interferes in their conversation and gets into a heated argument with both of them. Tired of his actions, Manu and Manveer try to control him by explaining Rohan’s mental state. But Om pays no heed to anyone and makes personal remarks at Lopa provoking her further. Lopa’s anger hits the roof and she lashes out at him for making baseless comments. Upon witnessing that the situation is going out of hand, Bani tries to convince Manu and Manveer to boycott Om for his wrongdoings. Venting out his anger and frustration, Rohan finally finds solace in speaking to Gaurav who tries to give him a logical explanation for the entire fiasco and brings him back to normal.

Manveer’s wish of becoming the captain of the Bigg Boss house finally saw the light of day and celebrating his victory, contestants wake up dancing to the tunes of the song Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman. As the day progresses, Bigg Boss asks the captain of the house, Manveer,  to choose two contestants whom he wants to lock inside the ‘jail’.  Making one obvious and one tough choice, Manveer chooses Om and Gaurav respectively for the punishment. He blames Gaurav for not taking a stand during the ‘Bani and Gaurav’ show task, and Om for creating nuisance during the 'Toofan' as well as the captaincy task. While Gaurav takes it sportingly and gracefully after making some sarcastic comments, Om objects to Manveer’s decision and claims that he is unfit to be put in the ‘jail’. Om also tells Manveer that he was scared of Rohan and that the decision (of putting Om in ‘jail’) will, in turn, spoil his image.

Later in the evening, Bigg Boss introduces a new task ‘Manveer Ki Adalat’ wherein Manveer is made the judge and Rohan and Manu are made the advocates of Gaurav and Om respectively. Manveer has to be neutral and pretend as if he hasn't been a contestant in the house. By the end of the task, the one who wins will be released from the 'jail' but the decision lies entirely with 'judge' Manveer. Two Kathgharas (Witness boxes) are put up in the garden area where the courtroom session will be conducted.  As Manveer begins the prosecution, Manu and Rohan put forward few proof points in order to defend their suspects and prove them innocent. While Rohan raises questions about Om sabotaging the captaincy task for him, Manu interrogates Gaurav for being diplomatic and inconsiderate.

While discussing the muddas or issues pertaining to the captaincy task, Manu calls Bani in the Kathghara and cross questions her. Putting forward her opinion, Bani says that since she was the sanchalak (moderator) of the task, she was mindful of the rules and Om’s behaviour during the task was completely unjustified. Manu asks her if she has ever pushed anyone during a task and she gives a positive response.

In the process, Manu reminds Bani about how she had reacted when Om had said something nasty about her mother. One thing leads to another and massive fight breaks between Manu and Bani after he taunts her for ignoring Priyanka’s comments about his late mother. Bani takes offense to this and blames Manu for making such shallow, insensitive and hurtful comments which wasn’t required in this situation and walks away. ‘Judge’ Manveer declares Om the winner which he justifies by saying that he could get enough evidence to substantiate his claim, while Gaurav failed in doing so. As a result, Om is released from the jail making him happy and Gaurav goes back to 'jail'. On this, Lopa jokes that probably the ‘judge’ was bribed.

Further, Rohan and Bani tell Manu that he shouldn’t have fought the case for Om who is known to be a liar, to which Manu counter questions that has anyone gone against Bigg Boss by refusing any task. Bani replies saying that she did refuse to be inside the ‘jail’ with Om when Lopa was the captain. However, Lopa tries to maintain peace by telling everybody that it was merely a task and it shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Bani once again brings up the sensitive topic of that of her mother with Manveer, and Nitibha tells her that Manu’s intentions were definitely not to hurt her. All hell breaks loose when Manu ends up telling Bani that she was overreacting and that just wanted some footage out of all this. Bani is enraged and she goes out to tell this to Gaurav who is in the ‘jail’. Bani calls both Manu and Manveer brainless and also wonders why Mona and Nitibha did not utter a word. Bani breaks down while Gaurav, out of an emotional outburst, shows lot of aggression while holding the 'prison' bars.

Later, Nitibha is seen explaining a few things to the new captain. She tells Manveer that now was the time for him to play the role of the captain and punish those who have come in the way of tasks, while hinting at Om, who is having his dinner. Manu tells Om to go back to jail and the latter tells him that he won’t go to the ‘jail’ just because Nitibha was saying so. Both Manveer and Manu get upset with him and the latter decides to boycott Om, who does not care much. Soon Bigg Boss announces that Gaurav’s time-period in the ‘jail’ was over and Manveer unlocks the ‘jail’ door. Gaurav comes out in a grim mood.

And this Weekend Ka Vaar will be special with the show host and superstar, Salman Khan, entering the Bigg Boss house to celebrate the New Year with the contestants which will probably help them forget the tough time they went through this week. Also, there will be loads of entertainment this New Year’s Eve as the artistes of Colors’ three biggest non-fiction offerings -- Bigg Boss, Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa, and Comedy Nights Bachao Taaza will join hands to ring in the New Year together.

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Updated Date: Dec 31, 2016 10:27:59 IST