Bigg Boss 10, Episode 61, 16 December 2016: Captain Lopamudra puts Om Swami and Priyanka in jail

Seema Sinha

Dec 17, 2016 10:58:25 IST

With the captaincy task getting extended into the wee hours of the morning, the housemates wake up to realise that Lopamudra has been crowned as the new captain of the house. Mona, who was the supervisor of the captaincy task, tells Om Swami how Lopa won the task by snatching the ring from Manveer’s hand when he fell asleep.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 61, 16 December 2016:  Captain Lopamudra puts Om Swami and Priyanka in jail

Om Swami and Rahul Dev on Bigg Boss 10

Om condemns Manveer’s defeat and calls him kamzor instead of  Bahubali.  Om also tells Mona that now Lopa will put him and Priyanka in jail.  Manu tells Manveer that he could have easily snatched the ring from Lopa and become the captain when Bani got hurt initially. Later,  Bani, Manveer and Nitibha are seen bonding and discussing the task and even criticising Lopa.  Bani says that  she’s been the captain once and hence she wasn’t bothered.

While having a candid conversation with Bani, Gaurav tells her that he won’t be able to survive inside the house if she gets evicted.  Bani feels elated and appreciates Gaurav’s honesty. “When did you realise this? When I stopped talking to you?”  she questions Gaurav jokingly.  Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks Lopa to choose any five contestants who she wants to punish supported by a valid reason. She picks Priyanka, Om, Bani, Gaurav, and Nitibha. Priyanka and Om, however, disapprove Lopa’s decision and jump down her throat.  Priyanka threatens Lopa and tells her that she is trying to seek revenge by taking her name and she will strike back when the time is right. She also calls Lopa, make-up ki dukaan aur meetha pakvaan  pointing towards her makeup addiction.  Lopa gives a snappy comeback and tells Priyanka that she has no rights to judge her.  Rohan stands by Lopa he supports her and tells Priyanka to mind her language. Manveer tries to explain to Priyanka and Om that who would Lopa punish as there were only so few people in the house.

In the evening,  Bigg Boss gives Priyanka, Om,  Bani, Gaurav, and Nitibha a chance to turn their punishment into a reward by grabbing gift boxes that will pop out of a cylinder following a blast. All five contestants are asked to stand in front of five different cylinders and wait for their turn. First one to grab the gift box is Nitibha and she gets a  handwritten letter from her mother as a reward; Nitibha is overjoyed. Next one to grab the box is Gaurav who gets to go on a date with a girl contestant of his choice.  He chooses Bani and announces that he will go on a ‘friendly date’ with her, making Bani extremely happy.  Bani, Om and Priyanka miss grabbing their gift boxes and become liable for punishment.

Lopa is asked to put two contestants in jail while the third one is required to hold a placard with --  ‘Lopa, I am sorry’ written on it and follow Lopa for the entire time. Lopa is quick to make a decision and asks Om and Bani to go to jail and Priyanka to hold the placard. However, Bani refuses to share jail space with Om because of the comments he made about her mother. However, Lopa reasons saying that she has herself spent some time in jail with Om.  But Bani insists that she will roam around with ‘Lopa, I am sorry’ placard but won’t go to jail with Om under any circumstances. She tells Lopa to put Priyanka in jail instead but even Priyanka dodges the punishment saying she didn’t want to be in jail with Om because she has had a fallout with him after he made certain uncharitable remarks about her when she was in the secret room.

Lopa  gets into a fix and tries her best to balance the situation but Priyanka, Om and Bani refuse to budge. Manu tries to solve Lopa's problem by suggesting that both, Priyanka and Bani, can be put in jail and Om can follow Lopa with the placard but Lopa flatly refuses this option saying that she wasn’t comfortable with Om following her everywhere.  Finally, when Bigg Boss announces that the trio will have to obey the captain’s orders, Om and Priyanka finally decide to go jail while Bani happily follows Lopa with the placard. But Om starts another drama. When Gaurav and Lopa take food for him,  he puts a condition that he will eat only if Lopa says 'Sorry' for casting aspersions on his character. Lopa refuses to do so, and Om throws the food on the ground.

This chain of events puts a lot of pressure on Lopa, who breaks down saying that some housemates were complaining about the manner in which she got captaincy even as she worked hard for it.  “One needs a different kind of strength to survive in the Bigg Boss house but I’m not equipped with the same,” Lopa tells Rahul. Rahul consoles her, saying that people were jealous because of her captaincy and that she has to be strong in this situation.

Tomorrow is Weekend Ka Vaar and we will see the host Salman Khan pull up Gaurav for saving himself during nominations while putting Bani in trouble due to his wrong judgment. There will also be loads of entertainment with the entire Naagin 2 team in the house and Bani, Gaurav, Lopa will enact a few scenes from the show.

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