Bigg Boss 10, Episode 60, 15th December 2016: Swami Om's drama, Manu's breakdown, Lopa's win

Seema Sinha

Dec 16, 2016 09:49:28 IST

Day 60 — and episode 60 — of Colors TV's Bigg Boss 10 begins with the contestants awakening to the tunes of 'Bunty Aur Babli'.

Their upbeat mood quickly goes for a toss as Swami Om — troublemaker extraordinaire — decides to drum up some sympathy by playing the victim card. He refuses to eat, stating that he will partake of food only if his 'beti' Priyanka Jagga feeds him (the previous episode saw the duo have a falling out). He also announces that he is feeling extremely weak and will 'soon die'. Priyanka ignores him at first, but later begins to feel sympathetic towards OM. What the contestants do not know, is that Om has hidden away a stash of fruits in the jail: this stock he visits from time to time to have a bite.

Om also refuses to team up with Rahul, as per Bigg Boss' orders, despite Manu Punjabi's reminder about the same. Manu warns him of the repercussions, but Om is in denial mode. And sure enough, there are repercussions.

As Bigg Boss concludes the 'Democracy' task and lifts all restrictions imposed on the housemates, he also informs them that they have earned zero luxury budget points — because Om and Rahul didn't complete their task. The contestants express their disappointment and blame Om for the situation. They also request Bigg Boss to keep Om away from the luxury budget process as they cannot afford to lose more oints because of his un-cooperativeness. Om once again acts depressed. However, this time, Manu and Manveer Gurjar try to cheer him up by dressing like him and pretending to be his 'chelas'.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 60, 15th December 2016: Swami Oms drama, Manus breakdown, Lopas win

Manveer and Manu try to cheer up Om in episode 60 of Bigg Boss 10

Meanwhile, matters are still bad between Bani J and Gaurav Chopra.

During the day, Bani is heard talking to Rohan Mehra about Gaurav’s indifferent behaviour. She says that Gaurav gave her his word that he would protect her, but broke that promise by nominating her. She adds that she is hurt because Gaurav chose Mona over her, stating that he has a soft corner for her. At the same time, Gaurav is seen sharing his side of the story with Rahul: he feels Bani just wants him to blindly follow her, which he says he has never done.

Later, Gaurav decides to finally break the ice and apologise to Bani in a creative way. He writes ‘B Star, I am sorry’ on a piece of paper and sticks it on his jacket. He walks into the kitchen area hoping that Bani will notice and accept his apology. While everybody surrounds and teases him, Bani remains impassive and claims that Gaurav is doing all this only for the cameras.

In the evening, the captaincy task is introduced wherein the three contenders — Bani, Lopamudra Raut, and Manveer — are required to hold onto a ring for a considerable amount of time. The one who survives till the end will become the captain of the house. The trio get into the pool and Jacuzzi while performing the task and have loads of fun, with Mona around as the task supervisor and all the contestants cheering them. Priyanka opposes Lopa's captaincy, and splashes water on her face. Further, Bani gets into a heated argument with Lopa as she tries to fidget with the ring in order to knock down Bani. Suddenly the game takes a dangerous turn, and following an unfortunate accident, Bani loses the task and blames Lopa for it. Bani’s hand sustains a wound and she has to receive first aid.

While Manveer and Mona blame Lopa for being too aggressive and hurting Bani, Lopa blames Manveer and Bani for taking the wrong turn. But Manu feels Bani also behaved badly, by abusing Lopa.

The incident has one effect — Bani is seen chatting with Gaurav about the game. On the other hand, Manu is seen bonding with Rahul. Manu is missing his mother, and he says that she was the only one who was always there for him. Manu breaks down as Rahul tries to console him.

Interestingly, for the entire night, the captaincy task continues between Manveer and Lopa, and it stretches till the next morning, and both are seen holding the ring in their hands. Both keep dozing off intermittently. While Manveer shows his honesty and he doesn’t pull the ring from Lopa’s hand even as she naps,  Lopa makes use of the opportunity when Manveer falls asleep. Lopa pretends to be asleep, and when Manveer nods off, she grabs the ring from his hand. She dances, celebrating her victory and Nitibha and Mona discuss the smart game Lopa played. Nitibha tells Mona that at one point of time when Lopa had fallen asleep, she did tell Manveer to grab the ring from her hand, but he didn't do so. Everybody is surprised with the manner in which Lopa won the task and acquired captaincy.

When Manveer complains and even calls Lopa immature, the latter is n seventh heaven since she's wanted the captaincy for ages. The next episode will see her announcing punishments for to Om, Priyanka, Gaurav and Bani for ‘bad behaviour’. And a fight with Priyanka is inevitable. However, there will be some happy moments with housemates receiving letters and gifts from their friends and family.

Updated Date: Dec 16, 2016 09:49:28 IST