Bigg Boss 10, Episode 45, 30 November, 2016:  Will Gaurav or Manu upstage Priyanka for captaincy?

Seema Sinha

Dec 01, 2016 00:24:20 IST

It is yet another challenging day in the Bigg Boss 10 house. The housemates experience a surge of energy waking up to Maine Paidal Se Ja Raha Tha. But their happiness doesn't last long and they are dazed and confused when they realize that their basic necessity, water, is not available. All the taps in the house have gone dry.

 Bigg Boss 10, Episode 45, 30 November, 2016:  Will Gaurav or Manu upstage Priyanka for captaincy?

Bigg Boss 10

Clearing all their doubts, Bigg Boss introduces the luxury budget task Jab Tak Tumhare Paer Chalenge. For this task, the contestants have been deprived of water, gas, sleep and personal items, and to gain access to them, any two challengers will be required to pedal a cycle at all times. Priyanka is asked to overlook the task in the absence of a captain, and Bigg Boss announces that if she proves her mettle, then she might get a chance to compete for captaincy.

Setting a disclaimer even before the task starts, Priyanka’s game is on! The sleepy contestants relent and choose water as their first necessity as Bani and Rahul start cycling. As the morning progresses, surprisingly, Jason, who has been quiet so far, makes some crude remarks about Mona Lisa. Wonder why?  He tells Om Swami that he feels that Mona likes him because of the look in her eyes. He further says, “I want to give Mona a task of cooking and dancing for me. She must have had many boyfriends. She is a Bhojpuri heroine. She should once have a firang (foreigner) boyfriend.”  While peddling, Jason asks Bani why Mona does not talk to anybody and Bani replies that she bonds well with Manu and Manveer.

While the luxury budget task is still in progress, Bigg Boss introduces captaincy task titled, Gayi Captaincy Pani Mein. As a part of the task, all contestants are given a test tube bearing another contestant’s name. Whenever a gong rings, one contestant’s test tube will need to be emptied and the contestant needs to provide a legitimate reason why that person should not become the captain. And after the seventh gong, the last man standing will fight for captaincy. Wishing his 'daughter' Priyanka to become the captain, Swami begs the housemates and even starts crying to ensure she wins.

When the first gong rings, everybody gets into a discussion as to whose test tube should be emptied first. Manveer steps up first and empties Sahil’s test tube. Nitibha gets into a scuffle with Priyanka because she tells Manu to eliminate Nitibha from the running for captaincy. While Nitibha tries her best to convince Manu, he is not convinced and says that he will empty her test tube because she is not ready to be a captain. Swami asks his 'daughter' Priyanka to intervene and stop Sahil from emptying the test tube with his name. Being the obedient 'daughter' that she is, Priyanka almost orders Sahil against emptying the test tube. Sahil seems to agree but it is to be seen if he actually keep his word.

On the other hand, Mona voluntarily backs out of the run for captaincy and asks Lopa to empty her test tube even as Rohan and Lopa encourage her for takin g up captaincy. Manveer tries  to change Mona's mind by telling her that if she iscompeting against Priyanka, Mona’s chances to win are bright. Incidentally, the crack between Priyanka and Manu is widening. He is avoiding her because of her behaviour and flirtatious ways. Manu even refuses to eat the dinner she has prepared even as Priyanka keeps cajoling him.

Meanwhile, the challengers are tired of peddling the cycle all day long. Bani gets frustrated and refuses to continue peddling, she justifies by saying that none of the others in the house have done anything for her so why she should help them. She further complains that no contestant has come to them to boost their morale. She is particularly pissed off with Lopa who thanked all the challengers except Bani. And she is also expecting Gaurav to spend more time with her since it was her birthday. Rahul tries to pacify and explain to Bani saying that she was being oversensitive and that the seven contestants were there standing by them but they had left because of her (Bani’s) swear words. But this trick does not help. The moment Bani stops peddling, the lights switch on and the alarms blast, waking up the entire house. This worries Swami as it will spoil his 'daughter' Priyanka’s chance of winning the captaincy and he tries to wake up Priyanka, but to no avail.

With the growing politics in the house, who will lose their chance of becoming the captain?  Priyanka has a privilege over the others for captaincy but one wonders whether she will lose it with Gaurav or Manu emerging stronger. Besides, this weeks's Captaincy Task is surely testing the friendships of the contestants as one can see cracks forming in the friendship of Manu, Manveer and Mona, so much so that Mona breaks down once again and is heard saying that she wants to go home.

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Updated Date: Dec 01, 2016 00:24:20 IST