Bigg Boss 10, episode 11, 27th October 2016 preview: Infighting among Indiawale peaks

Here's what's in store for episode 11 of Bigg Boss 10:

FP Staff October 27, 2016 20:20:37 IST
Bigg Boss 10, episode 11, 27th October 2016 preview: Infighting among Indiawale peaks

It's another day, another episode of Bigg Boss season 10 on Colors TV. And after a luxury budget task (the laundry challenge that nearly had them at wits end, the contestants are back to having a more relaxed time. Of course, that doesn't mean they're off duty when it comes to smaller tasks or the usual nomination-related politics.

So here's what's in store for episode 11 of Bigg Boss 10:

The Indiawale enjoy their victory

After winning the luxury budget and becoming the maliks of the house, Indiawale bask in the glory of their success. On the other hand, the celebrities take their defeat with a pinch of salt hoping to reverse it soon. In retrospect, Indiawale discuss how they won the task with hard work and determination but Om Swami dismisses everything and claims that it all happened because of his blessings and prayers. While cleaning the beds, Bani finds lots of dirty tissue papers littered around the common bed and accuses the Indiawale of being unhygienic. Offended by Bani’s comment, Nitibha confronts her and says that she was being very nasty and it was not required.

Bigg Boss 10 episode 11 27th October 2016 preview Infighting among Indiawale peaks

Fights break out among the Indiawale

Next morning...

Next morning, the contestants wake up dancing to the tunes of ‘I Am The Best’. A guilty Swamiji apologises to Gaurav Chopra for nominating him and says that he did so because he considers him a tough contender. Gaurav says there's no need to apologise, as this is just a game. Later in the day, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to gather in the living area and tells them to nominate two weaklings from their respective teams who underperformed in the task and deserve to go to the jail.

So who gets sent to jail?

After a lot of discussion and arguments, the celebrities elect Mona while the Indiawale elect Swami Om. Mona and Swamiji, however, do not agree with their respective team’s decision and refuse to go to the jail. Mona breaks into tears as she feels that her team is being unfair and targeting her unnecessarily. When Swamiji sings the same tune, Manveer lashes out at him and tells him that he contributed the least in the task and has no right to object the team’s decision.

And who gets to compete for immunity?

In the evening, Bigg Boss asks Indiawale to elect two strong contenders who contributed the most in the luxury budget task — to compete for immunity. Lokesh and Navin are selected. As a part of the task, Bigg Boss allots a set of dominoes to each housemate while both Navin and Lokesh have to impress them and collect the set of blocks to create a straight line. The one with the most number of dominoes standing upright in a straight line will be declared as the winner of the task.

Lokesh tries to impress celebrities and other Indiawale by preparing parathas and entertaining them, thus getting most of the votes. When Navin realises that Lokesh is leading and is close to winning the task, he engages her in a conversation and then destroys her row of dominoes. As Lokesh finds her dominoes have fallen, she is furious and lashes out at Navin for sabotaging her efforts. Lokesh breaks into tears as Navin tells her that it is just a task and he is playing a game.

So who wins immunity, and do Mona and Swami Om go to jail? Watch the episode tonight to find out.

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