Bigg Boss 12: Karanvir, Surbhi, Romil’s game is better than Sreesanth and Dipika's, says Srishty Rode

Seema Sinha

Nov 26, 2018 14:15:08 IST

Television actress and Bigg Boss 12 contestant, Srishty Rode didn’t expect to be evicted so soon and she was in for a shock when Salman Khan announced her name. “I wasn’t expecting to get out of the house so soon. But the good thing is that my fans are feeling really bad that I am out,” she told Firstpost immediately after she came out of the house.

So who according to Srishty should have been voted out this week, if not her? “I feel Jasleen or Rohit should have been eliminated,” she said, adding “It was very unfortunate. But it isn’t my call and I wish I had got to stay a little longer. Thankfully, Salman didn’t tease us this time before announcing the name. When he announced my name, other housemates couldn't believe him. Then he came back again and said, 'Seriously, Srishty you have to come out'," she said.

While Srishty felt that she was leading a normal life inside the house, she did accept that it was quite a difficult journey for her. “I was banned from captaincy (after a heated argument between Srishty and Saba, the former was not allowed to be the captain of the house). I was playing for others and not for myself which made me feel terrible. Yet my game was getting better as I tried to handle everything in a fun way,” said Srishty, further adding, “I liked everything about living in the house — the fights, the arguments, it would all happen in phases. I wouldn’t realise that I am in the Bigg Boss house and people were watching me. I don’t regret anything. Every moment was special for me.”

 Bigg Boss 12: Karanvir, Surbhi, Romil’s game is better than Sreesanth and Dipikas, says Srishty Rode

Srishti Rode in Bigg Boss 12.

With other celebrities like Sreesanth, Dipika and Karanvir in the house, did she ever feel overshadowed particularly since she was often told in the initial weeks that she had to pull up her socks in order to be seen? "I take time to settle down. My process has always been slow. I like to observe things and then get into matters and slowly make friends. I first understand things, I don’t jump into situations and conclusions, or start judging people. I don't follow what others are saying. I am very happy about what I have done in the house and I never felt overshadowed by other celebrities. Honestly, I was very happy with myself," says Rode.

Srishty and Romil’s, ‘Saiyaan Bhaiyyaa’ comment on Dipika Kakar during a task (given by Farah Khan) created a lot of controversy outside too, with both, her beau and Dipika’s husband talking about it on social media. “I don’t know why it was stressed so much. Had I been egoistic about it and had I not apologised to Dipika then it would have been different. It was all done in a fun way but it was taken in wrong sense. But I realised while Dipika was screaming and yelling at me that she was hurt and got emotional. Hence, I kept quiet. but in the process I didn’t get a chance to explain my side of the story. Dipika didn’t give me the chance to explain and yet I apologised,” said Srishty.

“It was very unintentional, it was not to hurt anybody. Others have said much more derogatory things to her in the house. She should have been more hurt about what Sreesanth had told her earlier. Sreesanth and her are very close but she never felt hurt by his statements. Why would she be hurt about what Romil and I said? Romil didn’t even matter to her and that particular line was written by Romil, though I am not blaming him,” she further explained.

Srishty further said that she feels bad about leaving the house when her friendship with certain contestants was getting stronger. “We were having fun in the house. Karanvir and my bond had got very strong and I had also found a very nice and caring friend in Rohit. With Surbhi, too, it was all good, it wasn't bad with Jasleen either. I will miss them,” sighs Srishty, who would want Karanvir to come out as the winner. “I am not even thinking about top five, I want Karanvir to win the show. Surbhi is also strong but she is a bit loud. I told her before leaving that if she keeps control on her speech, she stands a good chance. Romil is also very strong."

When asked about Dipika and Sreesanth, who most feel will be among the top 3, Srishty said, “I don’t know but I feel Karanvir, Surbhi and Romil’s games are better than theirs' (Sreesanth and Dipika)."

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Updated Date: Nov 26, 2018 14:15:08 IST