Bigg Boss 12: Evicted contestant Rohit Suchanti says 'celebrities have lost the plot; Surbhi Rana may win'

Seema Sinha

Dec 17, 2018 11:16:53 IST

Well-known television actor Rohit Suchanti bid adieu to Bigg Boss 12 in last night's episode. The youngest contestant of this season, Rohit entered the show as wild card entrant in the third week of October and made some smart moves in the game, but at the cost of friendships. At the same time, he was schooled for his rude and aggressive behaviour by Salman Khan. Suchanti was nominated last week after his friend-turned-foe, Deepak Thakur, refused to sacrifice and destroy his family's picture to save the former during a task. A majority of the contestants had also voted for Rohit to be evicted in the 14th week a few episodes ago.

 Bigg Boss 12: Evicted contestant Rohit Suchanti says celebrities have lost the plot; Surbhi Rana may win

Rohit Suchanti got evicted from Bigg Boss 12 last night. Image via Twitter/@DiRa_licious

“I don’t know what went wrong, but I think I should have stayed for a bit longer, and Somi (Khan) should have come out, not me. Contestants had a personal view that I should be evicted but on the day of eviction, they felt Somi would go because she's hardly doing anything. She is being repeatedly saved by her friends. I was going with the flow. Yes, I had become quite aggressive in the game and in the tasks and Salman Sir pulled me up for that. That was needed and I improved my game, but I wasn’t the only one who was behaving badly; there were others, too. Hence, I don’t have any regrets, nothing went drastically wrong as such,” said Rohit, immediately stepping out of the house.

Before entering the house, Rohit had claimed that he wanted to challenge former cricketer Sreesanth, who's said to be the sole performer of this season and has been grabbing a lot of attention. While initially, Sreesanth would often threaten to leave the house, he gradually started learning, and showed interest in the game. “Sreesanth has a big responsibility but he isn’t doing anything. He only wants to quit the house. He has lot of fans outside. What example is he trying to set?" Rohit had said before entering the competition. “Even now, contestants are saying that Sreesanth doesn’t deserve to be inside the house because he isn’t doing anything. He keeps teaching others; he has seen life more than us but from the show's point of view, he does nothing. In the recent task his small yet smart move helped his team win, but he is a misfit in the game,” said Rohit.

Reacting to public conjecture about Sreesanth either winning the show or at least securing a spot in the top three, Rohit said, “I don’t think he will be the winner but what is working in his favour is his aggression, fights and abusive language. He is such a big personality, so people want to see what he is up to. That is the only reason he is getting the attention. Despite being foul tempered, he gets votes. But overall, I can’t understand why people are voting for him.”

Rohit is also critical of Sreesanth’s ‘sister’ and prominent television actress Dipika Kakar, who, too, is touted to be in the top three probably because of her popularity. “More than her own game, she focuses on Sreesanth’s game. She is a nice person but she has forgotten her purpose of coming into the house. It's just like what Salman had said in one of the episodes: She should not have to hand over her trophy to Sreesanth. Their game is working because of each other. But now there is no time left and she won’t have the time to play for herself. Dipika and Sreesanth are playing Bigg Boss with each other,” said Rohit, further adding, “It is possible that Dipika’s morale got a boost with her husband Shoaib (Ibrahim) entering the house, as he told her she was playing well and the people outside were supporting her, but I don’t think that she’s playing the game well.”

While Rohit had developed a close bond with popular television face Karanvir Bohra, their relations had spoiled during a task as the former was part of Sreesanth’s team. “Karanvir and I shared a great bond on the show but very recently in the task we said something inappropriate about each other and we fought, but that fight was there only for a day and it got sorted out. But Karanvir is also a total misfit in the show; he appears quite confused to me. He is also image conscious which is hampering his game,” said the evicted contestant, who feels that there are chances of a commoner walking away with the trophy rather than any of the three celebrity contestants.

“All the three celebrities aren’t doing much, they aren’t focusing on the game, they have lost the plot. So, I feel a commoner will win but not Romil. Surbhi (Rana) might be the winner and Deepak (Thakur) could be the runner-up. Romil is over confident. He thinks he has already won the show,” said Rohit. As he had planned, Rohit became friends with Surbhi because he felt she could be a threat to him. “I could take our relationship ahead till the end. It was a genuine bond between Surbhi and me, though many fake it only for the tasks or to stay in the game,” added Rohit.

Updated Date: Dec 17, 2018 11:21:30 IST