Bigg Boss 12, 7 October, Day 21 written updates: Anup Jalota sent to secret room, Bharti Singh enters house

Seema Sinha

Oct 08, 2018 11:11:38 IST

When one is at the brink of getting evicted, anxiety can take a toll on you, and the sooner you get closure the better you feel. Similarly, while all the nominated contestants were apprehensive to know their fate, a few were praying for their friends to stay back. Allowing the eagerness to get to them, Bigg Boss sent a surprise fortune teller into the house to read out their fate

Dipika was called into the confession room and notified about the presence of a fortune teller in the house. The contestants had to put a coin in the booth to listen to the fortune teller. But soon, the night took a humorous turn as comedy queen Bharti Singh made an appearance through the booth to entertain the contestants with her gags and fiery jabs. In an interesting turn of events, none of the contestants was spared from Bharti’s sarcasm.

 Bigg Boss 12, 7 October, Day 21 written updates: Anup Jalota sent to secret room, Bharti Singh enters house

Bharti Singh and Salman Khan during Weekend Ka Vaar.

Bharti also introduced a talent hunt competition, Bigg Boss Got Talent and asked each one of them to showcase their talent. While there was a singing face off between Deepak Thakur and Anup Jalota, Nehha demonstrats her sultry pole dancing skills. Post Nehha’s performance, Bharti announced that it was Jasleen’s turn to show her pole dancing skills. Jasleen was reluctant at first, but Bharti declares that her pole will be Anup . Anup was given a challenge that he will not react to her dance moves. In fact, being a total sport, Anup took this challenge and won it too. Later Bharti appeared again and there were some fun moments when she came on stage as Salman’s hidden wife in Lonavala and claimed he is a father to nine kids, each resembling the nine seasons that Salman has hosted for Bigg Boss.

Further, Salman kickstarts his Weekend Ka Vaar. Deepak sings the song that he composed and Salman appreciates it. Salman almost reveals the name who might get evicted but stops and announces the Fizzy Caller of the week. Tania Praveen wants to talk with Dipika. The caller asks her why she didn't go and talk to Nehha once Sreesanth revealed  that he knows a lot about her? Dipika shares that it was unnecessary and thus she didn't feel the need.

Salman welcomes Karanvir and Deepak at the ‘Sultani Akhada’. Salman shares that the one who will get defeated will have to do all the household chores of the winner. The game of war of words starts. Karanvir and Deepak give each other a tough competition. Karanvir wins the first round. Karanvir and Deepak start rotating the wheel. Karanvir wins the second round as well.

Salman declares that a new segment of the house is going to open. Salman sends Sreesanth there. His wife appears and she appreciates his game play but asks him to stop being emotional. Sreesanth breaks down.

Salman goes back to declare the eliminations. He first plays the guessing game with all. Anup-Jasleen thinks Srishty might get eliminated. Salman declares that Anup-Jasleen jodi has got the least number of votes. Salman asks them to choose one among themselves who will stay back. Dipika and Karanvir are in tears. Anup shares that he will leave but Jasleen will stay back. Anup bids farewell to all.

Sreesanth plays the harmonium and looks upset. Dipika welcomes Jasleen to the singles team. Jasleen shares that she still feels that Anup is with her. Deepak and Romil are seen talking late night with former criticising Jasleen's actions that why she never once said that she will go and Anup will stay. Deepak also gossips about how Jasleen wanted to know if one can claim property in live-in relations.

Soon after, to everyone’s surprise Salman reveals that Anup has not got eliminated but he will enter a secret room and will watch the happenings of the actual house. Anup seems a bit surprised to see that Jasleen is her normal self, she appears unaffected by his ‘eviction’.

Updated Date: Oct 08, 2018 11:11:38 IST