Bigg Boss 12, 4 December, Day 79 written updates: Precap shows Sreesanth slapping Rohit Suchanti

Seema Sinha

Dec 05, 2018 10:53:56 IST

With Bigg Boss season 12 nearing its end, the game is getting more difficult, intense and competitive. So much so that some of contestants are not able to take the stress. The School Bus task got everyone to play the game, come hail or storm. The contestants geared up to compete against each other to win the task which was a tricky one and each contestant put their best foot forward in order to become the week’s captain. They had to use their strategy to disqualify the contestant who they did not want in the captaincy task and also win back the lost prize money.

 Bigg Boss 12, 4 December, Day 79 written updates: Precap shows Sreesanth slapping Rohit Suchanti

Rohit Suchanti and Sreesanth clash during the task in Bigg Boss 12.

The task truly challenged everyone’s strategy, integrity and loyalty. After the first horn, the housemates gathered near the door of the baggage room to get the bag with the contestants name they wanted to eliminate. In the bargain, a massive verbal argument between Rohit and Sreesanth took place that agitated Dipika as well and she yelled at both of them to maintain peace and decorum. Karanvir, Surbhi and Deepak supported their team member Rohit, and Surbhi’s comments that she (Dipika) should have yelled at her ‘brother’ Sreesanth much earlier further aggravated the situation.

With each task the dynamics of the house changes and this time the pressure to perform made Surbhi and Romil clash. Romil tried to snatch a bag from Surbhi saying she could not take three bags. Surbhi also argued with Romil for touching her while fighting for the bag. After each contestant declared the bag of the contestant they had, they deposited the amount that was there in the bags. Bigg Boss announced that Romil would be the sanchalak of the task.

On the one hand, Romil was fighting a battle with his old friends from the Happy Club and on the other hand, he was making new relations with Jasleen and Megha. Seeing his friendship bloom with them, Somi felt jealous and expressed herself differently in front of Jasleen. Somi accused Jasleen of seeking support from the men in the house (Anup Jalota, Shivashish and now Romil) to be in the game; Jasleen got extremely upset about her comment. Romil meddled in between and tried to resolve the situation. Romil also made Somi understand that she is the most important person for him in the show and he would never let her down.

Somi discussed the matter with Karanvir and Surbhi, who tried to fuel her against Romil. Somi did not want to listen to anything against Romil. Karanvir suggested her to play for herself and be happy. Soon after, Somi apologised to Jasleen and explained what she meant. But Jasleen was not ready to listen to her.

Dipika was fed up with the fights and arguments going on in the house and she just could not take the harsh words of Surbhi and the level of instigation from Rohit and Deepak, She broke down saying she had seen enough fights in her childhood. Sreesanth and Megha consoled her with the former promising that he will behave himself. Dipika felt that at least her group members should not abuse others even if Karanvir’s group abused them. Soon after, Sreesanth blamed Karanvir for pushing Dipika and Karanvir apologised. Jasleen got angry every time Rohit and Deepak teased her and their battle of words continued.

The second day of the BB School Bus is about to get even more fierce as Rohit and Sreesanth get into a major fight and as per the precap. The former cricketer ends up slapping the wild card entrant.

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