Bigg Boss 12, 28 November, Day 73 written updates: Sreesanth threatens to hit Rohit in BB Panchayat task

Seema Sinha

Nov 29, 2018 09:21:11 IST

Accusations, exposed offences and defensive statements, the housemates dug every allegation from the past and brought them to the open. The rivalries came full circle in the ‘BB Panchayat task’.

A still from Bigg Boss 12

A still from Bigg Boss 12

Dipika turned the tables on Surbhi with accusations that left the fiery captain fumbling for a proper defence. Romil broke down after Surbhi called him out for staring at her inappropriately. He also found himself under the fire in the task when he faced accusations of making nasty comments about his housemates. Karanvir, however, tried to maintain a strategic perspective without getting emotional. The episode yesterday was no different.

It starts with Deepak accusing Megha of getting violent after she threw a shoe at him, but Megha retorted saying she behaves exactly how the opposite person behaves with her. She tells him that she would have hit him on his face instead of throwing a shoe at him if she wanted, but she did not. Dipika backs Megha on this but Jasleen and Somi, who were the Sanchalaks, argue that Megha's angry behaviour was unacceptable.

Next up is Sreesanth, who becomes the target. Deepak accuses Sreesanth of disrespecting the show while Dipika accuses Karanvir of being confused and not having a personality. Dipika comes to Sreesanth’s rescue and says that every time the contestants had to rank the best performer, they picked Sreesanth so they have no right to call him out. Dipika also defends Sreesanth saying that there was a marked improvement in him. However, Rohit, however, exposes Sreesanth in front of everyone, saying he abused Dipika behind her back.

This leaves Sreesanth fuming, who not only threatens to hit Rohit but also chases him to the bathroom area before Dipika, Megha and Jasleen intervene and try to calm him down. Dipika then charges Karanvir guilty of being fake; while Deepak tags Dipika as fake. This erupts a war of words between the housemates with Sanchalaks Somi and Jasleen getting at loggerheads to an extent that Jasleen gets labelled as a biased Sanchalak. Eventually, Bigg Boss interrupts and calls off the task and declared a draw with both teams getting three points each. However, this does not end the fights inside the house. Rohit instigates Deepak against Romil by saying how the latter thinks he has no brains, leading to war of words between the two.

Updated Date: Nov 29, 2018 09:21:11 IST