Bigg Boss 12, 26 September, Day 10 written updates: Pairs boycott Dipika after accusing her of being cruel

Seema Sinha

Sep 27, 2018 09:17:48 IST

On the tenth day, the super competitive contestants of Bigg Boss 12 woke up to ‘Hum Bhi Hain Josh Mein’, which was a clear indication of the task that awaited them. It was a morning full of anticipation as the contestants were charged up for the second phase of ‘Samudri Lootere’ task to begin.

Both teams utilise their time planning and strategising and the jodis are seen hiding all the utility items of the house that they thought might be used against them. In other news, Deepak and his partner Urvashi have started getting friendly with the singles which is not being liked by the jodis.

 Bigg Boss 12, 26 September, Day 10 written updates: Pairs boycott Dipika after accusing her of being cruel

Dipika, Srishty 'torture' Urvashi in the latest episode of Bigg Boss 12

This time around, the singles - Dipika, Nehha, Karanveer and Srishty are the ‘looteras’ and the jodis are held captive by them one by one. Bigg Boss states that since the jodis would be held captive this time around, only one individual from the targeted jodi could sit on the captive chair. Kriti and Roshmi will again hold the fort as ‘sanchalaks’.

As expected, the singles take every drastic step possible to get the golden ring from the opposing jodi contestant in the high stakes luxury budget task. As Sreesanth had been advised rest, he gives the task a miss, save for giving advice. Jasleen comments that more than playing the game the singles were more interested in taking revenge. As the competition intensifies between the jodis and the singles, intense fights happen between Saba - Nehha, Dipika - Jasleen and Karanvir - Shivashish.

First Somi sits on the captive chair, and Karanvir and Nehha start 'torturing' her. Dipika takes over and engages in a fight with Kriti and Saba as the latter two feel that Dipika was crossing her limits. Most jodis accuse Dipika of being cruel. Sristy and Nehha torture Somi and she gets up. Singles choose Jasleen for the task between Jasleen and Anup. Dipika and Sristy start 'torturing' her and after some time, Jasleen gives up but gets furious with Dipika. Shivashish comes next and Nehha and Karanvir do their best to make him give up. Shivashish gets up and threatens Karanvir. Karanvir exclaims how the singled had suffered the day before. While all this is happening, Kriti sides with the jodis.

Shivashish and Karanvir get into a fight and Shivashish starts cursing him. Urvashi comes next and the singles start their game. Bigg Boss finally declares Urvashi the winner. After both teams are tied, the singles eventually emerge winners as they managed to sit on the chair for longer.

Singles cheer and plan who among them will be the captain and they opt for Nehha. Also, they take over the kitchen, upsetting the jodis. The jodis discuss how Dipika has been cruel throughout the task and they decide to target her. Singles discuss with Urvashi how the jodis have been backbiting behind her. Dipika asks Nehha to save her when the time comes because she feels that the whole team will keep on nominating them every single time. Nehha says that it was impulsive of her to save Karanvir and promises to save Dipika. Jodis discuss Sreesanth, and Anup feels that one ‘seat’ has been wasted as the former cricketer isn’t participating much. Jodis feel Sreesanth has come on the show just to cleanse his image.

Deepak and Urvashi discuss how the latter got tortured in the task. Dipika breaks down as some of the jodis decide to boycott her. Nehha and Sristhy calm her down saying that the jodis were jealous of her because is a strong contestant. At night, Srishty starts sleepwalking and Karanvir goes to stop her.

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