Bigg Boss 12, 25 September, Day 9 written updates: Luxury budget task turns tense as Sreesanth threatens violence

Seema Sinha

Sep 26, 2018 08:44:42 IST

On their 9th day in the Bigg Boss house, the contestants wake up to the peppy number, ‘Saat Samundar Paar’ which heralded this week's luxury budget task. The week's task will have a simultaneous impact on the captaincy and the nomination process.

 Bigg Boss 12, 25 September, Day 9 written updates: Luxury budget task turns tense as Sreesanth threatens violence

Dipika Kakar in the task

The task titled 'Samudri Lootere' have the celebrity contestants turn prisoners. They also possess a golden ring which they had to save from the jodis. Kriti-Roshmi are made the ‘sanchaalaks’ of the task while Sreesanth is given the job of guiding and supporting his celebrity team. Dipika gives Sreesanth her family photograph to hide saying if they try to destroy the picture, she will give up. Sreesanth says if someone tries to mess up, he will slap that person. Karanvir laughs but Srishty tells him to not do any such thing.

Nehha is the first to face the heat. The Jodis apply egg on Nehha's face an as she tries to cover herself with the golden shield and the jodis go a step further and throw powder, oranges and garbage on her. She performs the task well while her team members cheer for her. Sreesanth threatens to slap Saba who tries to get physical with Nehha and they get into a verbal spat. Looking at Nehha's condition, Sreesanth cries and Srishty consoles him. Sreesanth's team members, Srishty and Karanvir, also tell the former to participate in the tasks for their sake. Nehha manages to stay on the chair till Bigg Boss' announcement. Thus, singles win the first round and the golden ring stays with them.

Srishty is the second one to go and the jodis become successful in torturing Srishty who cries her heart out. Next to sit on the chair is Dipika and she, too, gets down from the chair as the jodis keep throwing bucketful of cold water on her face forcefully. However, Karanvir impresses everyone as he manages to stay on the chair but he feels a bit dizzy towards the end of it. Dipika tries her best to control Sreesanth who is angry with the jodis. Sourabh tries to defend his team, but Sreesanth doesn't pay any heed.

Next, both, celebrities and jodis discuss their strategy for the 'Samudri Lootere' task. It will be the jodis' turn to be tortured the next day. Shivashish and Jasleen hide things like shampoos and conditioners that the celebrities may use during the task to torture them. Jasleen tells Saba and Roshmi that celebrities will try their best not to look evil on-screen and someone like Anup won't use chili powder while torturing them. Also, equations have changed in the BB house as the luxury budget task has started creating differences between the jodis and the singles. Deepak tries to explain to his team that they crossed all limits while torturing the celebrities but Saba tells Deepak that he ditched his team to become a hero in the celebrities' eyes.

Bigg Boss 12 contestants participate in the 'Samudri Lootere' task

Bigg Boss 12 contestants participate in the 'Samudri Lootere' task

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