Bigg Boss 12, 25 October, Day 39 written updates: Somi opts out of captaincy task

Seema Sinha

Oct 26, 2018 09:40:57 IST

Ruling a house with 14 ‘Vichitra’ individuals is not an easy task. The most important role in the Bigg Boss house is that of the captain. From delegating duties to managing luxury budget tasks, to being safe from the week’s eviction process, the captain’s mantle is the most desired.

After a rigorous performance in the Bigg Boss Poultry Farm task the contestants selected Saba, Deepak and Megha as the contenders for captaincy. Since Saba could not become the captain she gave her position to her sister Somi. Meanwhile, Karanvir broke down for being all alone in the house. He found himself secluded and labelled his so-called friends as fake. In the garden area, Romil and Karanvir were seen talking about him feeling secluded. Simultaneously Deepak broke down in the living area. Romil told Karanvir that Sreesanth was speaking ill about him behind his back.

Dipika tried to convince Karanvir and they had a discussion in the garden area. Karanvir accepted that he feels lost. Sreesanth, Jasleen, Anup, Shivashish told this to Megha that if she doesn't become the captain they would not do a single chore. Megha says she isn't an easy competition.

Dipika tried to convince Sreesanth that he should speak to Karanvir. On the 39th day, the housemates woke up to the song 'Chaiya Chaiya'. The makers gave them a heads-up regarding the upcoming task which involved a train.

 Bigg Boss 12, 25 October, Day 39 written updates: Somi opts out of captaincy task

Bigg Boss luxury budget task

The housemates planned to boycott Deepak. Surbhi read the captaincy task out loud. The mission for the three contenders was to stay inside the train for as long as they could. The remaining contestants could torture the contenders by giving them terrible things to eat and drink. The had to use the set ingredients like Bitter-Gourd, Tabasco and Wasabi, amongst others and try to de-board the contenders. Bigg Boss elected Shivashish as the moderator for the given task. According to the task, the housemates would have to support one contender whom they wish to become the captain.

The housemates started prepping with the products. The competition agitated the three contenders as the behaviour of the remaining housemates became intolerant. A huge fight between Sreesanth and Surbhi took place, wherein Surbhi was seen instigating Sree. When Sreesanth used detergent, however, Bigg Boss intervened and told Shivashish that no one could use anything that was not edible. The housemates planned to support Somi which irked Sreesanth. He then supported Deepak. Jasleen told Sreesanth that Dipika was jealous of Megha.

Contestants performing the Bigg Boss luxury budget task

Contestants performing the Bigg Boss luxury budget task

The first person to get on the train was wild card entrant Rohit Suchanti. He gave wasabi to Megha. The next one was Romil. He gave her a sipper of water. Dipika and Srishty talked to Sreesanth in the bedroom regarding making Deepak the captain and troubling him by refusing to work.

Housemates got into an argument regarding Shivashish's move of not allowing spoon in the train. Jasleen and Surbhi got into a heated argument which escalates into a major brawl.

Srishty gave chillies to Deepak which he ate. Urvashi was the next to get on the train. She asked Megha to eat bitter gourd. Rohit was the next one to enter and he asked her to eat wasabi. Megha did not wish to bow down. She puked from the train.

Srishty was the next one to get on the train. Somi was asked to drink a glass of chilly flake. She got restless and her sister Saba got agitated, too. Sreesanth gives chillies to Somi. Romil applied honey on Somi's hand and Dipika caught him. The housemates got annoyed with Romil. Somi walked out of the race. Sreesanth discussed with Romil about breaking the rule.

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