Bigg Boss 12, 24 December, Day 99 written updates: Urvashi Rautela brings Christmas gifts for contestants

Seema Sinha

Dec 25, 2018 09:11:58 IST

To make Christmas a joyous day for the contestants, Bigg Boss planned a surprise for them. Bigg Boss invited Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela as a special guest, who also got gifts for the contestants that were sent by their families. The contestants were woken up to the song ‘Urvashi, Urvashi’.

 Bigg Boss 12, 24 December, Day 99 written updates: Urvashi Rautela brings Christmas gifts for contestants

Urvashi Rautela with the contestants. Colors


Since it’s the finale week, nothing is going to come easy for the contestants, even the gifts they were about to receive. Bigg Boss called Deepak in the confession room and announced a secret task. Bigg Boss also told him not to reveal it to anyone, or else they won’t get Christmas gifts. He was given a phone, and he had to wait for Bigg Boss to call him and announce the task to him. Bigg Boss asked him to hide Dipika and her husband Shoaib’s picture and Romil’s son’s bag and blame it on Karanvir. Deepak tried to fulfil the task and later he had to hand over the phone to Surbhi.

Surbhi’s challenge was to make Dipika cry and get a reaction from Sreesanth for the same. Post the completion of her challenge, she was asked to give the phone to Sreesanth. Surbhi was in a fix but did as instructed by Bigg Boss. She goes to the kitchen where Dipika is busy with the chores and tries to provoke her and call her fake. This does not go down well with Sreesanth, who obviously defends Dipika and even the Sasural Simar Ka actress cannot take the accusations lying down. All this creates a huge ruckus in the house and even Surbhi’s friend Karanvir gets angry with her. Deepak understands that this is all BB's plan and enjoys the outburst of the housemates. Later, Bigg Boss challenges Sreesanth to dance while he is talking to anyone.

Everyone put in all their efforts to fulfil their secret task. While Surbhi had the toughest challenge, her choice of words were not appreciated by the housemates. Sreesanth and Dipika were extremely upset with her.

Later, Urvashi Rautela enters the house with a bag full of gifts for the contestants. Karanvir receives a present that Teejay had gifted their daughters when they were born while Dipika receives her bridal dupatta, which she wore for her nikaah. Sreesanth gets a coffee mug with a special message from his kids. Urvashi also requests Deepak to sing a song for her. Bigg Boss further announces a Christmas Party for everyone and plays music in the garden area. Everyone indulged in fun celebrations with Urvashi.

Updated Date: Dec 25, 2018 09:16:11 IST