Bigg Boss 12, 23 September, Day 7 written updates: Salman Khan takes Sui Dhaaga challenge; no eviction this week

Seema Sinha

Sep 24, 2018 09:24:35 IST

Sunday’s 'Weekend ka Vaar' episode starts on a musical note with Varun Dhawan making a boisterous entry. The talented actor kick-starts the episode with a rap song aptly describing the quirks of the Bigg Boss house and its many contestants. Varun himself welcomes the show host, Salman Khan, and the superstar’s smashing entry begins with the duo singing, 'Tamma Tamma' with the Bigg Band.

Known for being a big fan of Salman, Varun came to promote his upcoming film Sui Dhaaga. As the episode progresses, he challenges Salman with the Sui Dhaaga task, and the latter not only threads a needle but also stitches his initials on a scarf. Varun teasingly adds that Salman is now an eligible bachelor who knows cooking, painting and now even stitching.

 Bigg Boss 12, 23 September, Day 7 written updates: Salman Khan takes Sui Dhaaga challenge; no eviction this week

Varun Dhawan and Salman Khan take the Sui Dhaaga challenge

Varun enters the house and meets the contestants who were already tensed as it was the eviction day. While bonding with the contestants, Varun requests Anup and Jasleen to sing a ghazal version of his popular song, ‘Saturday Saturday’ while Shivashish and Kriti groove to their beats. Varun then announces the ‘Made In India’ task for the nominated contestants who were then divided in two groups. Singles comprise Srishty, Sreesanth, Dipika and Neha, whereas jodis include Shivashish, Jasleen, Somi and Deepak. The task requires the contestants to make cushions out of the cotton and stitching material provided.

The jodis emerge winners and Varun tells Salman that he finds Anup and Jasleen’s jodi the most entertaining. Contestants ask Salman about his marriage and he gives them a hilarious reply. Sreesanth calls himself the worst performer as his team loses the task.

Deepak Thakur gets the three prisoners out of the kaalkothri. Salman tells them that they shouldn’t be sacrificing for anyone without any reason, also there shouldn’t be any gender bias as girls have been sent to the kaalkothri in other seasons. He wants to know who should have gone to the kaalkothri; Romil and Karanvir name Dipika, Shivashish and Sourabh.

Soon after, Salman announces this season’s first 'Sultani Akhada' between the singles and jodis. He calls the Khan sisters and Dipika-Srishty for a face off and declares that the winning jodi will get a special power. There’s a verbal round and kabaddi round. Dipika and Saba get into a fight of words. First round is won by the Khan sisters. The kabbadi round is won by singles Dipika and Srishty. Salman announces that the singles win the first 'Sultani Akhada'. They get a special power where they are exempted from any house work till the next captaincy task.

Varun Dhawan with the housemates

Varun Dhawan with the housemates

Salman is all set to announce the results which would see someone from the three jodis of Saba and Somi Khan, Shivashish and Sourabh, Roshmi Banik and Kriti Verma get evicted. Salman jokes that the only jodi who is getting evicted will be the Khan jodi which is him. Therefore, no jodi gets evicted tonight.

Later, Deepak and Anup have an intense conversation and the former says he is going to play with his mind. All of a sudden Urvashi accuses Somi of cheating in the ‘Made In India’ task and the two get into a war of words. The brawl between Urvashi and Somi intensifies and Urvashi breaks down in tears. Romil takes charge of the situation and tries to make Urvashi understand how it’s frivolous to discuss something which is in the past. Anup and Jasleen think that Urvashi was in the wrong. It’s ironic because just a few minutes back, the jodis were talking about staying together and standing for each other to fight the singles. Obviously, single celebrities take advantage of the situation and Dipika is seen dancing in the garden area. Anup and Somi ask Urvashi’s partner Deepak to interfere.


1. Taking Varun Dhawan’s challenge, Salman Khan threads a needle and also stitches his initials on a scarf

2. Single celebrities, Dipika-Srishty win the ‘Sultani Akhada’ task against the Khan sisters

3. Urvashi accuses Somi of cheating in ‘Made In India’ task that affects the unity of jodis

4. No contestant gets eliminated

Updated Date: Sep 24, 2018 09:24:35 IST