Bigg Boss 12, 23 November, Day 68 written updates: Contestants accuse Surbhi of being a biased captain

Seema Sinha

Nov 24, 2018 11:09:58 IST

Yesterday’s episode of Bigg Boss 12 was an explosive one with Sreesanth discussing Harbhajan Singh and the slap-gate controversy with Surbhi. This helped Surbhi score over Deepak and become the captain.

 Bigg Boss 12, 23 November, Day 68 written updates: Contestants accuse Surbhi of being a biased captain

The inmates had a conversation over the massive fight between Deepak and Megha. Romil went up to Megha and told her that she crossed the line when she threw a slipper and spat at him. Megha retaliated saying that even Deepak was at fault. Megha apologised to Deepak but the latter refused to forgive her. Bigg Boss reprimanded Megha for her behaviour and she got nominated for the evictions. Bigg Boss told Deepak that he was in the wrong too, as he had targeted Megha's character. Talking to the camera about Sreesanth’s confession to her, Surbhi believed that he might be trying to gain sympathy. Later in the night, Romil told Surbhi that despite everything, Happy Club would exist until at least two people from the Club were in the house.

Day 68 began with Surbhi assigning roles to all her co-contestants. Sreesanth and Dipika were assigned to clean the garden area and former seemed a little agitated. While Sreesanth and Karanvir contemplated over the cleaning of the kitchen area, Deepak offered to sweep the entire house without any fuss. Soon after, Deepak instigated Sreesanth. He targeted Dipika too and accused her of being partial towards Surbhi and helping her win the captaincy. Both Dipika and Sreesanth got annoyed with him. Romil supported Deepak and Rohit. He called them and asked Sreesanth to hit them if he wanted and since he kept saying that he would hit the two. Deepak and Rohit laughed and taunted him.

As the week came to an end, it was time to punish the three most disobedient contestants and send them to the kaalkothri. Instead of unanimously naming the three contestants who would be going to jail, the housemates were given a task that would decide their fate. In the garden area, there were earthen pots bearing the name of each contestant except Surbhi as she is the captain for this week. There was a platform kept near the pots and whoever reached the platform first on the ring of the buzzer, would have the chance to nominate the contestant of their choice. They had to give their reasons and fill the pot with water and whoever’s pot started overflowing from the hole would be sent to the kaalkothri. Being the captain of the house, Surbhi had the opportunity to go to the platform three times and cast her nomination, others could only go once.

Romil and Surbhi nominated Megha for being rude to Deepak earlier this week. Megha, who requested that she shouldn't be sent to jail since she was already punished by Bigg Boss, accepted it and went to the jail. Surbhi targeted Jasleen twice and gave the reason that she was over dramatic and pulled antics only for footage. This made Jasleen upset and she could not believe that Surbhi could give such a petty reason just to save her friends. She screamed and yelled at Surbhi and went to jail. Dipika was upset with Surbhi’s decision and thought she was misusing her power. She also said that Surbhi should stop bragging about being unbiased because even she plays mind games. While Jasleen and Megha were screaming, Dipika took a firm stand to support Jasleen. Deepak and Karanvir ended up voting for Dipika to go to jail who walked away as Karanvir tried to reason. Eventually Dipika went to jail.

Srishty fell ill and threw up and Rohit stole a can of Fizz for her from the refrigerator. Jasleen saw this and wondered how he was not getting caught for stealing cans of Fizz for the last few days. Bigg Boss reprimanded Rohit and announced that he would have to go to jail for the same. Bigg Boss then asked Surbhi to swap Rohit with Dipika, Jasleen or Megha since there was place for just three people in jail. She released Dipika and locked Rohit. Everybody was shocked as well as amused with this sudden twist. Surbhi later told Karanvir that Rohit deserved to be in the jail and that it was all karma. Karanvir was speechless as he had nominated Dipika to go to jail.

Sreesanth thanked Bigg Boss over this development and had a heart to heart chat with Dipika when she came out of the jail. He told her he felt stuck in the house but the experience of staying in the house had taught him a lot of lessons.

Tomorrow, in the Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman Khan will pull up both Deepak and Megha for their bad behaviour.

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Updated Date: Nov 24, 2018 11:09:58 IST