Bigg Boss 12, 21 November, Day 66 written updates: Rohit Suchanti betrays his team in luxury budget task

Seema Sinha

Nov 22, 2018 10:54:47 IST

Rohit Suchanti's betrayal in the luxury budget task Saanp helped Team Red (Karanvir, Romil, Somi, Deepak and Surbhi) win the task but his behaviour didn’t go down well not only with the rival team but by the members of his own team as well. The first round of the task came to an end but Megha-Jasleen and Rohit - Deepak’s argument continued.

 Bigg Boss 12, 21 November, Day 66 written updates: Rohit Suchanti betrays his team in luxury budget task

Jasleen Matharu and Rohit Suchanti team up for the luxury budget task.

The second round began and both the teams took over the lever. They tried various tricks and tactics to win against each other. But Rohit and Deepak’s strength and derogatory comments overpowered Jasleen and Megha's. The game turned out to be a battlefield and the contestants stopped paying attention to even the sanchalak's (Srishty) instructions. This resulted in damaging of the lever, which upset Bigg Boss. Deepak and Rohit won the round and Sreesanth came inside the 'snake' from the Blue Team.

The task ended with the victory of Team Red but the fight between the contestants continued even after the task was over. Sreesanth was summoned by Bigg Boss where he spoke about being disrespected by Rohit who called him ‘Flip Sreesanth’. Bigg Boss urged Sreesanth to clarify the issue with Rohit which he did and the matter got sorted.

Within no time, Rohit and Megha began arguing about the former throwing a shoe on the latter during the task. The claims were denied by Rohit and Deepak deny. The other inmates tried to break the fight. Rohit accused Megha of abusing him and the contestants explained to her that it's not good to use such foul language on national television.

Bigg Boss said that when there's a game, the team that does well obviously wins the game but all members from the winning team cannot take the credit. Bigg Boss asks them to take three names from the winning team whose performance was disappointing and the names would be removed from the next captaincy task. Each of the contestants took names of the contestants they believed were disappointing with valid reasons but there was a lot of argument over it.

After listening to every contestant's reason, Bigg Boss declared Somi, Romil and Karanvir's performance to be disappointing. The three of them now don't stand a chance to stand up for the captaincy task. Deepak and Surbhi became the two contenders for the next captaincy task.

Jasleen and Megha discussed in the kitchen that Surbhi being the next captain with immunity was fine but they were not okay with Romil coming to power again. Soon after, Romil, who was upset about the contestants' decision, had a heated argument with Surbhi. Romil and Surbhi had entered the house together as the new vichitra jodi and the latter told Romil that she helped him elevate to a better position. This hurt Romil's ego to no end. Both keep arguing saying that the makers of the show brought each of them back on the show only because they were great performers. Although Rohit tried to break the fight, Romil said that Surbhi had hurt his ego.

Surbhi went to Romil and apologise but Romil told her that he could take things till a certain point. He told her that they would probably not get along and asked her not to apologise either. She then challenged Romil to win the show with his negative attitude. She told him that she is growing on the show, but Romil isn't. Later, Karanvir, Rohit and Srishty talked about Surbhi and Romil's equation and strategise. Karanvir and Deepak discussed Sreesanth and Dipika. Deepak came to the conclusion that it was Sreesanth who had been using Dipika and it was not the other way round. Deepak said Sreesanth was faking brotherly love for her.

Tomorrow the show will be high on drama with Megha spitting on Deepak after he passes comments on her character during a task.

Updated Date: Nov 22, 2018 10:54:47 IST