Bigg Boss 12, 20 September, Day 4 written updates: Sreesanth, Shivashish fight; Kriti-Roshmi become first captains

Seema Sinha

Sep 21, 2018 09:47:30 IST

Dipika Kakar, Srishty Rode, the Khan sisters (Saba and Somi), Kriti and Roshmi, and Shivashish and Sourabh were nominated on Day 3 of the show. With just four days down, the Bigg Boss house has already turned into a battlefield; in Deepak’s words, ‘Battle of Grahyastra’. Giving them a hint of what’s in store, Bigg Boss woke the contestants to the tunes of ‘Badshah O Badshah’. The first nomination became the topic of conversation in the house, which perplexed the contestants.

Deepak, Romil and Nirmal decided that they needed to up their game in order to survive in the house. On the other hand, while everyone was making new friends, Somi still couldn’t find a connect with anyone in the house and chose to stay aloof throughout day.

Just when the contestants thought it’s going to be a light day, Bigg Boss announced the first captaincy task called Raja Ki Duvida. Keeping the pros and cons of the ‘BB Press Conference’, Bigg Boss punished the boys of the house by not letting them compete for captaincy and gave the power to the girls. As a part of the task, the jodis had to nominate one pair among Saba-Somi and Kriti-Roshmi and the singles had to choose between Nehha, Srishty and Dipika. In the task, Anup Jalota played the role of Rangeela Rajkumar, with the girls playing his  Ranis. Anup seemed to enjoy his regal position to the fullest. The Ranis had to earn a rose from the Rajkumar by entertaining him. The one with the maximum roses was to be declared as the captain of the house.

 Bigg Boss 12, 20 September, Day 4 written updates: Sreesanth, Shivashish fight; Kriti-Roshmi become first captains

Anup Jalota in the princely garb for Bigg Boss task

The contenders were witnessed as trying to impress the 'Rajkumar', as they sportingly took up dancing, singing, cooking and making every attempt to win roses from him. When Roshmi pitched in to swim, Anup gave her a rose. Further, Roshmi and Kriti danced on ‘Baby doll mein sone di’ to woo Anup, who volunteered to sing the song. But the revelry was rudely interrupted by a tiff between Shivashish and Sreesanth. They got into an argument which later blew out of proportions. While Shivashish claimed that Sreesanth abused him, the latter said that he was telling that to himself and not Shivashish.

Kriti and Roshmi grooving to Baby doll main sone di

Kriti and Roshmi grooving to Baby Doll Main Sone Di

The respective teams tried to destroy the roses collected by ‘Princess’ Dipika, Roshmi-Kriti in order to make their team win. Deepak took the roses of his team, ran and locked himself into the restroom so that the other team could not destroy it. Dipika was left with one rose, making Kriti and Roshmi the first captains of the house. Dipika felt bad that she let her team down and got teary-eyed.

Sreesanth and Shivashish’s arguments got heated up, again. Somehow, Somi, too got involved into an argument with Shivashish. Saurabh felt helpless and broke down as he was unable to calm Shivashish down, following which Karanvir and Sreesanth tried and consoled him.

On the other side, Deepak unnecessarily got dragged into a fight with Somi and Saba. Saba felt that Deepak always interferes in others’ matters. Somi, however, sat down and heard Deepak out.


1. Sreesanth and Shivashish get into a major fight with latter claiming that the ex-cricketer abused him

2. As a part of the task, Anup Jalota wears the prince’s garb; he’s the Rangeela Rajkumar

3. Kriti-Roshmi become the first captains of the house

4. Dipika loses the captaincy task; she gets teary-eyed for letting her team down

This is just the beginning; fights will heat up with every passing hour with three contestants forcibly getting jailed for an offense that we will only get to know once the day 5 (21 September) episode goes on air. These three contestants are also nominated for next week's eviction.

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Updated Date: Sep 21, 2018 09:47:30 IST