Bigg Boss 12, 19 November, Day 64 written updates: Contestants get a shot at immunity from elimination

Seema Sinha

Nov 20, 2018 09:19:36 IST

Everybody deserves a second chance to rectify their mistakes. Similarly, Bigg Boss also gave the contestants a second chance to save themselves from the eliminations this week. After a harsh verdict, where everyone except Romil was nominated because Shivashish had broken a rule, Bigg Boss announced a task that the contestant could use to their advantage and save themselves.

A still from Bigg Boss 12

A still from Bigg Boss 12

Meanwhile, Somi decides to make Deepak jealous and teases him by constantly talking to Rohit. Jasleen and Deepak get into a big fight Jasleen gets offended because Deepak is ranking people depending upon who will last longer. In the night, Karanvir says that two groups were formed in the house of that of Sreesanth, Dipika and Megha, and Romil, Somi, Deepak and Surbhi. Karanvir further says  that they need to form a new group consisting of Srishty, Rohit and himself.

The morning starts with the title song of Amar Akbar Anthony. Sreesanth felt it was an indication that Bigg Boss wanted the contestants to flip the nominations.  Later, Bigg Boss announced that owing to Shivashish's misbehaviour, others had to get nominated, but out of those, three will get a chance to save themselves through a task.

As part of this task, a safe zone was made in the garden area with only three chairs and three flag posts. Dipika, Surbhi and Deepak were the first ones to enter the safe zone. They had to wear safe badges. Flags with their names and pictures were hosted on the posts. After every gong, they had to mutually decide to leave the safe zone and give the spot to someone they thought deserved it the most. But even after leaving the spot they were allowed to come in if someone else took their name and surrendered their spot. The entire house was seen strategising and convincing each other to gain a spot in the safe zone.

A lot of disagreement was seen among the contestants. This task came as blessing in disguise because it led to more groups being formed in the house and pitted contestants against each other. While Rohit tried to convince the Happy Club members to save him, his plan failed. He joined hands with Karanvir and Srishty instead. Jasleen and Megha joined hands with Sreesanth and Dipika’s team. Surbhi gave up her safe spot to Somi because she felt Somi went all out to help people. Dipika gave up her safe badge to Sreesanth. The latter returned the favour, making Dipika safe again.

Dipika wanted to give up her spot to Megha but Sreesanth was worried if both of them get nominated, the danger for others will increase. But then, he saw Rohit asking Dipika to save him and that made Sreesanth change his plan. He decided to accept Dipika's plan.

Finally, when the task came to an end, Sreesanth, Surbhi and Somi were the ones who managed to save themselves. Late in the evening, Sreesanth and Dipika talked about Karanvir that they have some sort of discomfort between the two (Dipika and Karanvir). Secondly, Dipika told Sreesanth that Surbhi flipped more than him. On the other hand, Surbhi, who could see Karanvir separated from his group, told him that Dipika supported him only when she needed him. Karanvir seems to be getting influenced by Surbhi's words and said that now he was clear in his mind on how to play. Again at night, Karanvir was seen talking to Surbhi and he said that he did not even want to see Dipika's face. Surbhi also said that she does not trust Sreesanth as he kept changing his mind.

Updated Date: Nov 20, 2018 09:19:36 IST