Bigg Boss 12, 18 October, Day 32 written updates: Deepak, Shivashish contend for captaincy

Seema Sinha

Oct 19, 2018 09:28:59 IST

It’s been an interesting week, with friends turning foes, groups changing dynamics and fights ensuing within the house. After two days of struggle, competitive spirit, trust issues, planning and negotiation, Bigg Boss finally announced Shivashish and Deepak as the winners of the 'Ghoda Gaadi' task. The next day Bigg Boss started with the song, 'Gupt Gupt' which gave an indication towards the captaincy task of the week.

Having hoped to make a fresh start, with much needed calmness, a fight was witnessed between Sreesanth and Romil as the latter removed Sreesanth’s charger without asking him. Srishty tried to cool the matter down but in vain as both threatened each other with dire consequences.

Further in the episode, Surbhi was seen missing her family and her boyfriend, but as we know nothing is permanent in the Bigg Boss house, so in a matter of a few minutes, Surbhi, the house captain, soon got into her khalnayak avatar and started dictating terms to Sreesanth regarding house duties. Surbhi asked Sreesanth to work and not keep lying down. Deepak conveyed the message. Sreesanth refused, saying he was unwell and Surbhi got annoyed saying she did not care if he was an international cricketer, he would have to work like everyone else. However, Karanvir said that he would do the chore later in the evening.

 Bigg Boss 12, 18 October, Day 32 written updates: Deepak, Shivashish contend for captaincy

Bigg Boss con testants during captaincy task

Another fight broke between them in the middle of the captaincy task after Sreesanth learnt how Surbhi referred to a few people as unimportant. He got miffed at her and wanted to know who she was referring to. She refused to reveal anything and said all the time people were seen taunting her but she never cared about it. Surbhi started laughing and made fun of Sreesanth.

Later in the day Bigg Boss announced the captaincy task of the day, 'Sansani Khez Khabar' where Bigg Boss was to share some secrets of the contestants on screen and the contenders were to find out from the housemates whose secret it was. The contender, between Shivashish and Deepak, whoever got the name right would get one point; to win the task one of them had to get at least five correct guesses. As the task began, some interesting secrets of the contestants were revealed.

Housemates' secrets are revealed in the task

Housemates' secrets are revealed in the task

Bigg Boss revealed the first secret. He hinted at the one who dated a colleague's girlfriend. Shivashish guessed it was Sreesanth and got a point. Bigg Boss hinted at the second secret and stated -the one who started using foul language at the age of five. Everybody tried guessing the name. Urvashi secretly told Deepak that it was her and he won the round. The secret that created turmoil between the contestants was of Jasleen, which said that, she had dated a famous celebrity and her current partner did not know it. The housemates tried their best to guess the name but to everyone's surprise Anup Jalota already knew about it. Deepak was disappointed with Jasleen as she had already told Shivashish about her secret and as a result latter won a point. Deepak and Jasleen got into an argument but the latter said that she’d told about this to Shivashish much earlier and hence he could guess right.

The next secret hinted at how a particular contestant's girlfriend had once tapped his phone and had tried doing black magic for him to get rid of his then girlfriend. Deepak guessed it was Karanvir and it turned out to be true. Karanvir revealed that his girlfriend who tapped his phone was none other than this wife Teejay.

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