Bigg Boss 12, 17 October, Day 31 written updates: Housemates turn against Sreesanth in luxury budget task

Seema Sinha

Oct 18, 2018 10:54:34 IST

It’s been four weeks of Bigg Boss 12 and the strengths and weaknesses of all the contestants have come into the fore through various tasks performed in the house. Owing to the mounting pressure, the contestants channelised their strengths to win this week’s luxury budget task called Ghoda Gadi.

In the task, Dipika and Deepak were made owners of several carts which were filled with carrots and tied to a treadmill. Other contestants were the ghodas (horses) and had to run the maximum distance to collect the carrots. On the other hand, the owners had to convince the horses to run for them. The owner  with the maximum distance covered would be the winner and become one of the contenders for captaincy.

 Bigg Boss 12, 17 October, Day 31 written updates: Housemates turn against Sreesanth in luxury budget task

Contestants perform the luxury budget task on Bigg Boss 12

As the first day of the task came to an end, Sreesanth was seen telling Jasleen and Urvashi that he was going out of the Bigg Boss house. The girls smile telling him that their competition would be reduced. Sreesanth told Anup and Sourabh to pack all his stuff as he was going. He even tried to climb the wall and get out but all the other contestants stopped him.

The next morning, the contestants woke up to the song ‘Romeo Naam Mera Chori Hai Kaam Mera’, indicating Bigg Boss’ plans for the day. The contestants playing horses were working hard to ensure that ran harder, covering maximum distance even as some housemates resorted to frivolous schemes to emerge victorious. In one such incident, Deepak decided to hide the horse cap which the contestants had to wear before stepping on the treadmill. The strategy did not go well with Dipika and Sreesanth who then decided to play unfair too.

In retaliation, Dipika erased the statistics from Deepak’s scoreboard by pouring water on it, while Sreesanth lost his cool again and tried to erase Deepak's name from his board. He even spat on Deepak’s name, enraging everyone in the house. Deepak, who has been an ardent supporter of the former cricketer, was hurt and broke down.

The contestants were shocked by Sreesanth’s behaviour and soon comments on his morals and upbringing started. In his defence, Sreesanth said there was nothing weird about using spit to remove something written on a board. But it snowballed into a major issue and Surbhi went on a rant. She said that Sreesanth suffers from a mental imbalance and that's why he was behaving weird on such a big platform. Sreesanth asked her to say what she wanted but he was going to do what he wanted to. Deepak started crying with Sreesanth’s behaviour and Romil tried to console him. They all felt that Sreesanth was playing a game.

Surbhi told Dipika that she was the vamp as she was supporting Sreesanth, whereas Dipika wondered why she was being dragged into it. Jasleen, too, had a chat with Sreesanth and asked him why he spat on Deepak’s name and whether he wanted to continue supporting Dipika. Srishty asked Sreesanth to talk to Deepak and apologise, to no avai. Finally, Deepak confronted Sreesanth and the latter told him that he wanted to remove his name and it was quite normal to use spit. Sreesanth left the task shortly and went inside the house. Deepak told Bigg Boss that they were disqualifying Sreesanth as he had broken the rules of the game.

Updated Date: Oct 18, 2018 10:54:34 IST