Bigg Boss 12, 16 October, Day 30 written updates: Sreesanth threatens to leave; Anup confronts Jasleen

Seema Sinha

Oct 17, 2018 09:41:46 IST

The contestants of Bigg Boss 12 saw a shift in dynamics after Sreesanth and Anup Jalota come back into the house. Though everyone was initially excited to have them back but the table soon turned when the two revealed the “secret game plans” of the contestants, especially Dipika's.

Bigg Boss 12, 16 October, Day 30 written updates: Sreesanth threatens to leave; Anup confronts Jasleen

Romil and Deepak perform the luxury budget task.

As expected, Sreesanth cold shouldered Dipika for naming him for eviction, while Dipika continued to justify the reason that she nominated him as she thought he wanted to go home. Karanvir, who observed the situation did not utter a single word. On the other hand, we saw Deepak and Romil discussing with Saba and other housemates about the Anup and Jasleen matter. Anup confronted her about her relationship with Sourabh. He narrated the incident where Sourabh gave a neck massage to her and added that it gave a wrong impression to him and the viewers. He also told her to think about her family and what they would think of such actions. Both, Jasleen and Sourabh were taken aback and they assured Anup that there is nothing between them. When Anup asked Karanvir for his views on the incident, the latter said Sourabh was being an opportunist.

Sreesanth said that he didn’t want to talk to Dipika and he ignored her completely which made her cry. In the next frame, Karanvir told Srishty that if they wanted to play the game and survive till long, they needed to be friends with Jasleen. Srishty told Jasleen that the reason Dipika is so possessive about the kitchen is because of the housemates. Jasleen talked to the other housemates about shifting Dipika's duties to the bathroom and said that she won't let Dipika enter the kitchen. Anup prophesied that Sreensanth would teach Dipika a lesson. Later, in the afternoon, Anup and Jasleen had a conversation, where she told him that the housemates knew what he had told her about Sourabh and that they had all gone against him. Jasleen also mentioned that Sourabh felt slighlty awkward.

The next day, Bigg Boss woke up the contestants with the famous song,‘Lakdi Ki Kathi’ which indicated the luxury budget task of the week. The task was called ‘Ghoda Gaadi’ where Dipika and Deepak would be the owners and have carts filled with carrots and a treadmill tied to it. Other contestants would be the ghoda (horse) and had to run the maximum distance to collect the carrots. On the other hand, the owners needed to convince the ghoda’s to run for them. The owner with the maximum distance covered would be the winner and become one of the contenders for captaincy. The contestants had to use their planning skills and strategy to win this task.

While the task was going on smoothly, things got intense when Sreesanth stepped on the treadmill and started walking for Dipika. Sreesanth started to pace up his walking, to which Romil objected by saying he was running. Sreesanth disagreed and argued with him. Subsequently, the former cricketer left the treadmill in anger. When Romil asked Sreesanth why he left the tast, the latter said he was not interested. Karanvir tried to calm him down and told him to ignore Romil, but to no avail as a heated argument followed. Romil thought that the former cricketer insulted him. Sreesanth jumped up on a platform and threatened to leave the house, once again. Dipika and the other housemates tried to convince him to come down.

Updated Date: Oct 17, 2018 09:41:46 IST