Bigg Boss 12, 14 December, Day 89 written updates: Sreesanth sends Romil, Deepak, Rohit to kaalkothri

Seema Sinha

Dec 15, 2018 09:46:13 IST

The 'Appy Fizz Grab the Fizz' task finally came to an end and many of them weren’t happy with the decision. Team Black questioned the final decision of the Sanchalak as they believed that they deserved to win, considering the strategy used by them. Next day Bigg Boss woke the contestants on the song ‘Chance Mare’ but Romil continued to sleep. This made Surbhi angry because Romil continued to break rules even after being punished by Bigg Boss.

 Bigg Boss 12, 14 December, Day 89 written updates: Sreesanth sends Romil, Deepak, Rohit to kaalkothri

Sreesanth in Bigg Boss 12 house

As the day proceeded Bigg Boss asked the contestants to choose the best performer of the task from the winning team Red. The contestants had a mutual argument as to who should be the best performer, Somi or Sreesanth. Somi took a firm stand for herself and campaigned to other housemates that she deserves to be the best contestant. She felt that both Sreesanth and Dipika were claiming each other to be the best. But contestants considered Sreesanth as the game changer of the task.

Later Bigg Boss gave Sreesanth the chance to select three contestants of the house who deserved to go to the kalkothri. Sreesanth was allowed to take the help of the other contestants to make this decision. Most of the contestants thought that Rohit should be the first one to go to the kalkothri for misbehaving in the house. The next one in line was Romil for breaking the rules of the house. Some contestants even felt that Surbhi should go for being a very overpowering captain in the week. This decision made Surbhi quite upset as she thought that her own friends were being extremely diplomatic; she thought that while they supported her when she was performing her captaincy duties, they were now are blaming her for being aggressive.

When the day was about to end, Bigg Boss gave them another task. As a part of the task, the housemates had to tell Sreesanth along with their reasons who they think should be evicted from the house in the 14th week by throwing the football which had the face of the nominated contestant. Surbhi chose Karanvir for the eviction in the 14th week. Karanvir, Sreesanth, Dipika, Somi, Romil and Deepak, all the five contestants chose Rohit for eviction, whereas Rohit took Karanvir’s name. Maximum contestants voted for Rohit to be evicted in 14th week, Bigg Boss then announced that the contestants would have to wait and watch as to who gets less number of votes and gets evicted this weekend.

Karanvir got upset with Surbhi for nominating him and latter tried to explain her point of view. Romil felt that Sreesanth is a very smart player and not a single emotion of his is genuine. He called Sreesanth ‘dramatic’ as well as a controversial star. Karanvir and Somi discussed Surbhi and the former felt that Surbhi uses people for her benefit. Somi agreed.

Updated Date: Dec 15, 2018 09:46:13 IST