Bigg Boss 12, 13 November, Day 58 written updates: Sreesanth and Romil target Dipika, Jasleen, Megha, Rohit in task

Seema Sinha

Nov 14, 2018 09:20:18 IST

Everything comes with a price, be it friends or enemies, especially in the Bigg Boss house.

Sreesanth becomes a hitman in the Bigg Boss house.

Sreesanth becomes a hitman in the Bigg Boss house.

After several warnings, the contestants continued to break the house rules. Rohit and Sreesanth were asked to wash a huge pile of dirty utensils for not following the code of conduct. Megha being Sreesanth’s friend tried helping him as she thought the house captain, Karanvir, was being unfair, but the others asked her not to do so as it was a punishment and not a task. Megha refused to listen to anyone until Bigg Boss himself warned her. Deepak mocked her saying she was doing it for attention. His comment triggered a huge argument between them. Romil also took Deepak’s side and stood by him in the fight. Rohit and Sreesanth continued working towards completing the mammoth given to them. However, Sreesanth was very upset with Karanvir and wanted to leave the house post his punishment.

Sreesanth was called in the confession room, where he couldn’t hold back his tears and had an emotional breakdown because of the punishment imposed on him. Bigg Boss’ kind words and motivation helped lift his spirit and he returned with a seemingly positive outlook. Later in the night, Sreesanth and Karanveer sorted out their differences and the latter asked the former to express his feelings to him.

Next morning, the housemates woke up to the tunes of the hit song 'Kallu Mama' from the movie Satya. Megha and Jasleen were seen discussing how Shivashish and Srishty were getting close to each other.

Another challenge was awaiting the contestants. It was time for the luxury budget task called Hitman. Romil and Sreesanth were chosen as the hitmen of the house. There was a vault which had several coins of different amounts. When the house lights went dim, the contestants had to pick a coin and go to a hitman of their choice and give him the power to exterminate one housemate. The hitman with the highest amount of coins would exterminate the contestant and he/she will be out from the captaincy race. At the end of the task, the hitman with the highest amount will automatically be nominated for captaincy. Contestants had to plan it well, as the amount would be subtracted from the winning amount which now stands at Rs 45 lakh after Romil bought the immunity ring for Rs 5 lakh.

When the task began, Romil decided to exterminate Jalseen for Rs 75,000 and she lost the task. In the second round of the task, Jasleen and Srishty got into an ugly spat after the former refused to return the coins to the latter. After this, Romil ‘murdered’ Dipika for Rs 4,40,000.

Romil then targeted Megha for Rs 3,90,000 in the third round. Sreesanth got upset with Romil after he refused to give Sreesanth a chance to ‘kill’ Rohit. However, in the end, Sreesanth got his first target for Rs 3,60,000 and ‘killed’ Rohit. At the end of the task, Jasleen, Dipika and Megha were out of the captaincy race this week. Who will win the luxury budget task and become the contender for captaincy will be revealed in tomorrow's episode.

Updated Date: Nov 14, 2018 09:20:18 IST