Bigg Boss 12, 12 December, Day 87 written updates: Sreesanth, Romil challenge each other for the trophy

Seema Sinha

Dec 13, 2018 09:02:34 IST

Today’s episode started with all waking up to the song from the movie Dangal. This week’s nomination task, ‘Genie Ki Gufa’ continued for the second day and Deepak said that whoever went inside the cave should have mercy on the other contestant. Soon there was an argument between Surbhi and Romil as the latter was being repeatedly warned by Big Boss for sleeping during the day. Surbhi, as the captain, requested him to wake up and accept his mistake.

The task had reached its final leg when it was Sreesanth’s turn to go inside the Genie Ki Gufa. Genie asked Sreesanth to convince Surbhi to destroy the tissue letters written by her to save himself from being nominated. But, Sreesanth immediately said that he did not want Surbhi to do anything for him and was ready to be nominated. But the Genie refused his request and asked him to do what was told to him. Even the contestants kept asking Sreesanth what was Genie’s command.

Bigg Boss 12, 12 December, Day 87 written updates: Sreesanth, Romil challenge each other for the trophy

Contestants in the Bigg Boss 12 house

Sreesanth asked Surbhi if she would be ready to destroy those tissues and that he had already refused Genie but Surbhi was willing to sacrifice those tissues to save Sreesanth and even other contestants helped her take the decision. Surbhi used this opportunity and said that she wasn't an ungrateful person as Sreesanth’s wife had told her. Soon after, there was an argument between Sreesanth and Romil over the Bigg Boss winner trophy. They kept on blaming each other for behaving weird in the show to get the footage. In the heat of the moment, Romil teased Sreesanth that he won't even let Sreesanth smell the trophy which agitated Sreesanth. Later Romil was irritated with whatever argument he had with Sreesanth. Deepak consoled him. Romil was upset as Sreesanth spoke about his family.

The next one to get ‘trapped’ in the cave was Romil who asked Somi to shred her family pictures to save him. Without thinking much about it, Somi destroyed her family photos in the crusher to save Romil from nomination. Somi said that she was ready to do anything for Romil, Karanvir and Deepak. As the day proceeded it was time for Sreesanth to prove his brotherhood for Dipika and to save Dipika, Sreesanth had to sacrifice his most prized possession, that is, his family photographs. Sreesanth ran inside to bring the photos without any delay and destroyed them in the shredder. Dipika apologized to him for that but Sreesanth said that his wife wouldn't mind as she respected Dipika the most.

Later, Deepak, Rohit and Romil were seen sleeping even after Bigg Boss’s warnings. They were criticized by Bigg Boss for not being active in the game even when they are couple of weeks away from the finale. Bigg Boss took a drastic decision and asked Surbhi to keep eight mattresses in the store room. While Surbhi was fulfilling her captaincy duty she asked Dipika to share the bed with Somi. Dipika protested against Surbhi and said she was not being fair as it was all about punishing those who were sleeping. Surbhi and Dipika didn't agree on each other’s opinion and had a major argument on this. While Sreesanth supported Dipika, Karanvir supported Surbhi saying that Dipika had overreacted over the matter.

Next, Bigg Boss informed that their luxury budget was zero as they violated the rule of not talking when they were told to pause in the previous task. But they were given an opportunity of winning the luxury budget by having a competition of preparing Chinese food. Dipika and Somi were the head chefs and Rohit, Deepak, Romil and Sreesanth had to assist them. Karanvir and Surbhi were the judge for the competition. The winner of the task would win the luxury budget and could use the luxury budget along with three members of their choice. Dipika’s team won the task and Karanvir and Surbhi presented the hamper to Dipika’s team. Dipika wanted to share the luxury budget with Sreesanth as well but he refused to join without his team. Finally Dipika decided to share it with Somi besides the members from her own team, Deepak and Rohit.

Updated Date: Dec 13, 2018 09:02:34 IST