Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar, 7 October 2017: Salman Khan schools the badly behaved inmates (and how)

Seema Sinha

Oct 07, 2017 23:21:06 IST

That Salman Khan has a special chalet inside the Bigg Boss House to keep a closer eye on the contestants is no secret. Little do the contestants know the real deal about the room behind their house! The Sultan of Bollywood makes an entry from within the house, waking up to the drama in the house. In true Bigg Boss style, he grooves to the tune of Bappi-da’s famous song Aaj Mausam Hai Gaane Ka before moving to the stage area for Season 11’s first Weekend Ka Vaar.

 Since only he has the answer to which contestant will be eliminated this weekend, he hints that there could be more than one because he couldn’t bear what he saw was happening the previous night – intense battle  between Akash, Vikas and Priyank with the trio getting physical. There is also a recap of fights between Vikas and Shilpa; growing enmity between Arshi and Hina, and Zubair’s repeated foul language heaped even on women.

 Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar, 7 October 2017: Salman Khan schools the badly behaved inmates (and how)

Salman Khan in the first episode of this season's Weekend Ka Vaar

Kick-starting the Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman says the country is shocked with the behaviour of the contestants. “I have never seen so much fun in my entire life,” he says with sarcasm and questions all the wrong doings in the house. He points out that the weak people were being targeted which he substantiates with many such examples. The host assures everybody that they need not be scared of anyone.

First and foremost, Salman pulls up Zubair and tells him to stop calling him ‘Bhai’. He also questions Zubair’s identity as media reports recently suggest that he wasn’t the son-in-law of Haseena Parkar and that he was lying. Almost every contestant names Arshi for her misbehaviour, instigating one against the other and for also being vulgar. Hence, she is made to sit on a bull as part of punishment. Salman blames Hina for not taking any stand despite getting plenty of opportunities. Hina responds to every question of Salman in a true and honest manner and clarifies her stand. Salman also questions Hiten saying that despite being the most sensible and responsible person, he has not done anything to help resolve matters in the house; nor has he spoken up against Zubair for his atrocious behaviour.

Hina tells Salman that her ‘arch enemy’ Arshi should be questioned about abusing her but instead Salman pulls up Hina for not taking a stand when Zubair was behaving badly with Arshi. Salman feels Hina was playing safe so that Zubair doesn't target her as well. Instead, Akash says that Hina provokes Zubair against Arshi. Salman clearly tells Hina that she has been soft on Zubair even when he gets harsh and abusive with women. Hina breaks down as she feels that Salman was not supporting her. Zubair then tells Salman that he is getting a headache from all the yelling. Salman shuts him up and leaves. Salman then turns to the audience and tells them that the contestants have crossed a line in the house. He tells viewers that no matter how many TRPs the channel wants, he will make sure he sorts these guys out. He further tells the contestants how they need to wake up now and asks them to introspect till he comes back. Soon Arshi gets back at Hina, irritates her and makes fun of her for breaking down in front of the host.

Soon after, Salman returns with the “second round” and shows them their behaviour on video so that they get an idea of their poor conduct. Vikas, Hina and Priyank gang up and they are heard calling Arshi another version of Priyanka Jagga and that she, too, will be thrown out by the show host. Salman pulls up Arshi for using foul language and commenting on sexual preferences. Cut to footage from last night. Akash and Vikas get into a heated argument where Akash calls him gay. Priyank warns Akash to not get personal but Akash doesn’t stop. Akash starts abusing and Vikas loses his cool. Both, Akash and Vikas, start abusing each other. The fight gets ugly when Priyank gets involved and pushes Akash showing aggression, whereas Vikas pulls Akash by his collar. Salman returns and tells the inmates involved to re-enact the scene with same intensity. Vikas accepts that he got physical and pulled up Akash by his collar when latter made a remark on his mother. Priyank had joined the duo in their fight. Priyank accepts his mistake but Salman is in no mood to listen. He threatens to nominate him as he feels that otherwise it would set a precedent.Tomorrow, Hina will be heard saying that she will also leave with Priyank and that she didn’t care about Bigg Boss. There will also be loads of entertainment with the Golmaal Again gang on the show.

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