Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar, 6 January 2018: Salman Khan, Rani Mukerji take a trip down memory lane

Seema Sinha

January 07, 2018 11:07:54 IST

It is the last weekend of Bigg Boss 11 before the finale. And it is time for Weekend Ka Vaar. Tonight, Salman Khan will meet the six remaining contestants — Hina, Vikas, Shilpa, Akash, Puneesh and Luv to review the past week and also for some fresh tasks. But before that, we witness the contestants’ interaction with Rani Mukerji. It is the actress’ first time in the Bigg Boss house.

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

Salman Khan on Bigg Boss 11. Image from Twitter/@BiggBoss

The episode starts with Salman telling the viewers that the nominated housemates went to a mall in Vashi and someone out of the four will be eliminated. Back in the house, the housemates wake up as the other contestants and begin to act the way they think the others do. So Shilpa becomes Hina, Hina becomes Shilpa, Akash becomes Vikas, Vikas becomes Akash, Puneesh becomes Luv and Luv becomes Puneesh. Fake Shilpa and Fake Akash get into a fight as do fake Akash and fake Puneesh at the breakfast table. Fake Shilpa pulls them apart.

Later, we see Rani Mukerji walking in and play a game with the contestants. She gives the contestants a topic, on which they have to talk in character for one minute. Fake Luv (Puneesh) goes first and has to talk about his friendship with Hina. He says Hina and he used to be great friends but now things have changed as they have reached close to the finale. As Luv, Puneesh says he is obsessed with shaving his head.

Fake Shilpa goes next. Hina offers everyone food, in the character of Shilpa, and claims she is a very good cook. Fake Hina (Shilpa) goes next and gets a compliment from Rani who compares her to Manisha Koirala. Fake Hina says she knows a lot about Bigg Boss as she has watched every season. She claims she is perfect. She knows 14 plus 14 is 21. She then says she is perfect and then turns around and says, I never said I am perfect. Fake Akash speaks on how there is no one like Akash. Vikas even raps like Akash, does a jig on bang bang and even flirts with Rani in Akash’s characterFake Vikas explains why Vikas is mastermind. Akash imitates Vikas and claims he is now masterblind. He comes in with a wig as he is otherwise bald and has to play the character of Vikas who has hair.

Luv comes in as Puneesh and says he is the most entertaining commoner as he made a girlfriend inside the house, fought with people and created ruckus with own brother, Akash. Rani compliments Vikas as the best performer. The actress later asks the members which statement made by a housemate gave them a Hichki, which is Rani’s upcoming film. Akash says it is Shilpa who treated them as a friend first but now differentiates against them. Shilpa says the biggest flip is Akash who backbites. Vikas says he got 'hiccups' when he saw Shilpa encouraging Akash and Puneesh  to do dirty talk while saying that boys can talk such things.

Later, Vikas and Hina discuss that Shilpa is quite stereotyped about what she feels is a girl’s role and boy’s role. Hina says this is why she is always in the kitchen and does not compete in the tasks. Vikas says she does not believe in the concept of equality.

Salman enters and congratulates Puneesh and Akash as they have made it to the finals. And he tells Akash that the fact that he has managed to reach the finals even though no one in the house likes him is an achievement. He tells him not to repeat his behaviour in the outside world as he will definitely get beaten up. Akash assures him what he is doing it only for the show.

Further, Salman asks the celebs that how they let Akash and Puneesh take the first and second position during the popularity task and says that it was not done with honesty. Vikas admits that it was not done with honesty. He says once Shilpa and Hina said that they will take whichever spot, it did not matter. The exercise became futile after that. Shilpa says it became a celebrity vs commoner issue. Vikas accepts that it was the celebs' mistake because they did not fight for No 1 spot or put their points forward the way Akash and Puneesh fought for it. Salman says the four had accepted defeat. Vikas says it was accepting defeat in the discussion, not in the show. But Salman says that is not how the audience perceives. Salman summarises that the contestants just accepted the standing in order to avoid an argument.

Salman gets the contestants to rank themselves once again. Vikas chooses: Shilpa 1, Hina 2, Vikas 3, Akash 4, Luv 5, Puneesh 6. Hina thinks Vikas' order is perfect. Shilpa chooses: Vikas 1, takes 2 for herself, gives 3 to Hina, Puneesh 4, Luv 5 Akash 6. Puneesh chooses: Shilpa 1, Puneesh 2, Vikas 3, Hina 4, Akash 5, Luv 6. Salman then points out the difference in today's order and the one they arrived at last week which led to the nomination of Vikas, Hina, Shilpa and Luv.

Rani joins Salman, her co-star of many films, on stage and they go down the memory lane. She asks him about his Hichki  towards marriage and further teases him saying she wants to see his babies but has no interest in his marriage. Salman calls her one of the most talented girls in the industry and says she is a fabulous dancer. They shake a leg on 'Chandi Ki Daal Par Sone Ka Mor' , 'Mere Sapno Ka Raja' and 'Hata Saawan Ki Ghata'. She further does a classroom test with Salman. He aces it and she steps out of the house.

Salman returns to the contestants and says the counting of votes and the eliminated contestant's name will be revealed tomorrow. He then assigns them a task to test their honesty in the activity area. They need to either accept or refute the statements being attributed to them. If they get it right, they will get drenched in a slimy green liquid. Shilpa goes first, accepts the four statements attributed to her and gets sploshed with green liquid all the four times. Salman praises her honesty and calls Puneesh to go next. He accepts that he thinks he is more famous outside the house than Vikas and claims he does not think Hina is zero but Salman says that he is lying as they have proof on camera that he has said so. He accepts that he thinks Akash looks like the servant of the house.

Hina goes next and she accepts she said that Shilpa is somewhat unhygienic. Vikas is the fourth to take the test. He says he does not think Shilpa is the no 1 liar and fake. He also denies the other two statements he has made. Salman says he has not played the game honestly but will get sploshed anyway for playing dishonestly. Salman says Shilpa and Hina are the winners for being the most honest in accepting what they had said on the show. Salman gets Akash to distribute trophies to both of them.

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