Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar, 29 October, 2017: Salman blasts Priyank; Jyoti gets eliminated

Bigg Boss 10 housemates Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut also visited the show on Weekend Ka Vaar.

Seema Sinha October 29, 2017 23:16:17 IST
Bigg Boss 11, Weekend Ka Vaar, 29 October, 2017: Salman blasts Priyank; Jyoti gets eliminated

Salman Khan is back with Weekend Ka Vaar on Bigg Boss 11. From what we have seen in the promos, we can understand that Salman is very upset with Priyank for making personal comments against Arshi and also breaking the show rules by bringing information from the outside world into the house.  Former housemates, Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut also visited the show to tell everyone what the world thinks about them.

Salman begins by addressing the issue of how the female contestants are keeping up with their beauty regime like waxing and tweezing. He shows us waxing strips and how the women help each other in beauty aid. Hina and Hiten are talking about how cleverly Vikas is playing mind games. She says the truth will be exposed soon. Mehjabi  and Vikas are seen talking about Sapna and that how she's doing nothing. They talk about how she does drama. They talk about confronting Sapna.

Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar 29 October 2017 Salman blasts Priyank Jyoti gets eliminated

Salman Khan in Bigg Boss Weekend Ka Vaar.

Everyone discuss the ‘Khul Ja Sim Sim’ task. They are told to nominate people for captaincy. Hina says she does not see Akash as captain yet.  She supports Luv, whereas Shilpa hopes for Luv. Bandgi, Luv and Jyoti are the chosen nominations. Salman tells Puneesh that he did the task well but why did no one consider him. Mehjabi says that he is too short-tempered. The host says that Luv was the weakest performer yet he got votes. Hina says that he gave it 200 per cent. Priyank talks about Puneesh’s short temper and Salman taunts him that he should be the last person to talk about all this since he was ousted in the first week itself for getting physical with a co-contestant.

Salman greets last year’s contestants Manu Punjabi and Lopamudra Raut. Lopa says she would never have survived this house. Manu talks about how commoners face pressure before celebs. He says planning can go wrong. Lopa says people are intense this season and are making life hell for all. The former contestant is full of praise for Arshi and says Akash is damn funny. Manu compliments Vikas for how he is playing the game. Shilpa asks him if that is scripted. He tells Hina he is crazy about her. Sapna tells Manu that she is finding it tough to trust anyone while Lopa tells her to win other's trust instead. Manu tells Luv that he needs to get his act together and do better. He says he was much better in the booth when he was talking to the celebs.

Further, Lopa and Manu tell Priyank that he made a big mistake in what he said about Arshi. Salman admonishes Priyank and tells him he did wrong by digging up dirt on Arshi and spreading stories around. The superstar tells people not to use abusive language, talk about sexuality or dig up personal life. He tells people to refrain from abusing family members of the other contestants. Salman tells Priyank that only looking good does not matter. He blames him for spreading dirt inside the house.

Arshi starts complaining how everybody wanted to know about the incident and were doubting her character but Shilpa tells her to be quiet. Benafsha tries to defend Priyank but Salman tells her not to support him. Vikas also says that people are spreading dirt inside the house talking about sexuality, casting couch and whatever right from the beginning. Salman tells people to refrain from this. When Mehjabi complains how Shilpa called her a bad mother for leaving a two-year-old baby back home, Salman tells her that she did not mean it that way.

Manu tells Akash that he is very entertaining but he needs to buck up. Lopa tells him that he needs to do better in tasks. Priyank apologises to Arshi. Hiten goes upto Arshi and asks her if he ever spoke badly about her. Later, Priyank is in tears. Hina consoles him and says that they will teach Arshi a lesson in their own way. She says Arshi and few others will rejoice if they see him crying. Luv and Sabyasachi also console him.

Shilpa is not happy about Arshi getting sympathy and says nobody said anything when she called Sapna a ‘Nachnewalli’. Bandgi asks Priyank if he was lying that Puneesh is a father, and the latter too confronts Priyank, who says that he heard from a close friend.  Finally, they decide to stop chatting about personal stuff.  Then, there is a spoof about Bigg Boss by members of the upcoming show on Colors, ‘Entertainment Ki Raat’, and Dipika Kakar does a great mimicry of Hina inside the house.

Soon after, Salman announces that Benafsha is out of the house and she makes a move. Priyank is in tears. Benafsha is upset that she is leaving so early. Jyoti does not believe that she is safe while Benafsha is out. Later, Salman says that Luv is out of the house. Finally, he reveals that Jyoti has got eliminated from the show. Salman tells Luv to drop Jyoti to the main gate. Vikas gets very emotional as he treated Jyoti as his little sister. Priyank hugs Vikas and consoles him. He tells Priyank that Jyoti looked after him really well and assisted him all through. Hina tells Luv that since he’s safe, this was a great chance for him and he has to prove it now.

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