Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar, 16 December 2017: Mouni Roy pulls Salman Khan's leg

Seema Sinha

December 17, 2017 11:26:28 IST

The latest episode of Bigg Boss 11 begins with Salman Khan giving credit to the viewers as well as the contestants for the success of this season. He decides to ask the contestants that what is different this time as compared to previous seasons.

Salman Khan and Mouni Roy on Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar

Salman Khan and Mouni Roy on Bigg Boss 11 Weekend Ka Vaar

Hina feels that every contestant this time is very competitive. Vikas adds by saying how this year everyone is playing mind games. But Salman explains his motive in asking this query, that how in all the previous seasons he has seen contestants fighting and arguing but in the end, coming to a conclusion. But this season, they have no agreement at any level, referring to the contestants not coming to any conclusion over the appointment of captain for the coming week.

Salman asks Vikas how come a mastermind like him could not find a solution this time and he replies that everyone wants to defeat others even as they do not win. He mentions how it all started with Arshi refusing to step back from captaincy but Arshi chooses to differ and affirms she still feels she was deserving enough to become the captain this time with her own efforts as she had got captaincy earlier on khairaat.  Salman does not agree with her saying that she made efforts during a task in the 11th week. He says it was common sense that Shilpa, who is the only one who has not become a captain this season, should have been considered for the next captaincy. Following which, Shilpa adds that she insisted yet Arshi said she was the worst performer so she did not deserve to be the captain.

Arshi sticks to her decision saying if she had a choice, Vikas should have become the captain. Salman questions her what the harm is in making Shilpa the captain, and Arshi  says it would not have benefited them in the game. Salman shuts her up for her illogical reasoning and exposes her game plan of getting into Vikas’ good books for her own selfish needs which was purely out of insecurity and jealousy. Shilpa agrees with Salman and further exposes Arshi that how she would always get irritated when she would not react even after she tried to provoke her. Salman then slams Arshi endlessly for using demeaning and abusive words against Shilpa.

Next is the courtroom drama; it starts with Vikas’ allegations against Priyank that the latter was selfish and fake. Priyank clarifies that Vikas feels every contestant in the house was playing for the camera and recalls the times Vikas tried to project him in the wrong light. Vikas gets pissed hearing Priyank call him bhai and says Priyank changes his equation every day.

Salman then moves on to Vikas’ allegation number 2 that Priyank uses people inside the house, to which Priyank speaks in defense but Vikas argues how he used Benafsha and spoiled her game for selfish reasons. He then says how Priyank even used him emotionally, told him that he wants to play his own game and did not want their friendship to come in between. Vikas says that when he got back into the show, he got to Hina’s side because according to him, Hina, Shilpa and Sapna were the most popular contestants on the show.

Salman then plays the bhavishyavani game starting with Vikas. Vikas puts Arshi’s name on the standee when asked who will leave Team Hina first, and Hina says that it will not make any difference to her.  Luv goes next and is asked to name that person whom Hina will never meet outside the house and he puts Shilpa’s face. Shilpa is asked to pick that one person who can take over her kitchen chores and she puts Akash’s face. Arshi is asked to name the person who is soon to get evicted and she instantly says Luv, who according to her, is the weakest among the nominated contestants Shilpa, Hiten, Priyank and Luv. But surprise, surprise…. Salman declares Luv safe this week, leaving everybody shocked. Shilpa too gets declared as safe.

Salman gives privilege to Shilpa and Luv to watch what people talk behind their back. Shilpa, who is happy with the developments, tells Puneesh that Vikas was playing a dirty game with her and that he looked harrowed in front of Salman today. Luv gets to see the footage where Shilpa and Akash are discussing that how he is underplaying. But what affects Luv the most is Hina and Priyank talking about him (Luv) having a soft corner for Hina. Hina says that Luv has every right to have his feelings but he knows that she has a boyfriend. Luv is shocked and heartbroken to know what Hina thinks about him and he takes a long time to regain his composure. Arshi blames Vikas for Hiten's nomination because in order to save Puneesh, Hiten has got nominated.

Next is Shilpa’s turn to watch the footage, and the most shocking bit is when she sees Vikas bitching about her to Hina. Luv and Shilpa come in agreement to the fact that nobody is anyone’s friend here. Luv does not discuss the footage he saw with anyone, and decides to teach both Hina and Priyank a lesson on the day of nominations. Shilpa discloses the footage to Luv but pretends when Vikas asks her about the footage she saw. Arshi interrupts and tells Vikas that he has to choose between her and Puneesh to save her and her friends who could get into the danger zone.

When Vikas cribs about Arshi to Shilpa, the latter tells him that it was him and Hiten who were responsible for her behaviour. Vikas tells his friend Hiten that Shilpa has started playing her game and now they will get into a fight again. Vikas also says Shilpa was forming her own team, and besides Puneesh, she has also got Luv on her side.

At the end of the show, Mouni Roy makes an entry on Salman’s Tiger Zinda Hai song – 'Dil Diyan Gallan'. Salman joins her and both dance on the melodious number. Mouni then makes fun of Salman by playing the footage of him chewing the thread of his jeans during the trailer launch of Tubelight, to which Salman jokes saying that whenever he gets bored, he starts chewing the thread which he finds very tasty. Mouni then asks him that who would he choose between her and Katrina Kaif if they were both drowning, and he avoids the question by saying that he will not save either.

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