Bigg Boss 11 runner-up Vikas Gupta on why winner Shilpa Shinde had an edge over Hina Khan

Seema Sinha

Jan 17, 2018 14:36:37 IST

Even as it was the two popular television faces – Hina Khan and Shilpa Shinde — who competed for the Bigg Boss trophy, one person who also got immense support in the 11th edition of the reality show was second runner-up Vikas Gupta, who entered as a common man but walked out like a celebrity.

When it came to planning, plotting and strategising, former channel head for MTV and &TV, Vikas Gupta aced this quality. He has worn the ‘Mastermind’ tag with pride during the show and has many times proved that he deserves it.

“In fact, the makers just told me that I have changed the way this game is played by making it more dynamic and exciting. In the previous seasons, contestants were not playing the game, they were just surviving. I brought a game on the need not be just friends, you have to change sides to play the game. So when you use your mind and play individually and not as a team, you go in different teams and this affects your bonding. Then you play for yourself. I played for my individual self and also tried staying friends with all like I am still friends with Hiten and Arshi. It may not be possible to continue being friends because here friendships are made to save oneself from nominations," said Gupta, furthering, "But whoever has won is deserving because in the last week when four contestants are left then public votes decide. So it is not our victory, it is the victory of the fans".

 Bigg Boss 11 runner-up Vikas Gupta on why winner Shilpa Shinde had an edge over Hina Khan

Vikas Gupta.

“I didn’t expect to come so far. My target was just one week and I also tried running away from the house couple of times but later the game changed. And as Bigg Boss said, I had a second inning and in my second run I understood a lot about the game. I understood the difference between being cunning and being intelligent, and how one should balance it out by playing with both heart and mind. I have enjoyed every moment and it was like an evolution process for me. I feel good that I have come third among extremely popular actors," he said.

When asked who gave him the toughest time in the Bigg Boss house pat came his reply, "Shilpa Shinde gave me a tough time in the first five weeks and then everyone was competing for the spot to be my tormentor because whoever took that spot would get popular (laughs). But I also made many friends and I feel proud about the friendship that I have earned inside the house.”

It may be recalled that Vikas was so fed up of Shilpa’s ‘nagging’ and poking fun at him that he tried running away from the house by almost jumping off from the wall.

Vikas and Shilpa have had differences outside the house in the recent past as latter had alleged that Vikas, who was heading the channel, was responsible for her ouster from the show which left her jobless for about two years. “Shilpa and I didn’t have any major problem outside the house. It was just about one decision that should I be letting her go, or should I keep her in the show although her demands were something that couldn’t be fulfilled. I had to take a call on behalf of my organisation and she moved on. She must have felt bad about it but what she did to me for the first five weeks was also part of the game. It was not personal vengeance and I don’t want to blame her for it,” clarified Gupta.

Since many times contestants keep using the term 'fake' and 'real' for each other in the house, Gupta, who once called Shilpa fake, clarified his stand, saying, “Shilpa is not fake, she does things in her own way and every contestant who has reached in final five has made mistakes or has learnt something before reaching there. Shilpa also had a transformation like all of us. Fake and real are very subjective terms because one can’t say when one becomes fake or when one becomes real.. you can never judge. The show is such that we don’t realise it ourselves. It is a human experiment and for 15 weeks we are in the midst of only those many people and you are taking orders from just one voice who you never see.”

However, Gupta does admit and regret that he lost his first five weeks in the house; when Shilpa kept picking on him and he would often start crying so much so that Hina gave him the 'cry baby' tag.

“Had I understood the game right at the beginning I would have played better and given it back. Shilpa was also made to understand how she was wrong in the first five weeks and that she took it too far. I just couldn’t understand what was happening in the first five weeks and I had never ever watched Bigg Boss. But it is just a game and one should not take it too seriously. Don’t judge people inside the house, we do make mistakes at the heat of the moment," said Gupta.

Talking about his equations with first runner-up, Hina Khan, Gupta said, “Hina and I were tough competitors, and when you find someone equally challenging then you compete. I respect her for that but I and many others don’t like her certain habits. She says lot of things and becomes quite judgmental. At the end of it we (Hina and Vikas) had no choice but to become friends as just four of us were left in the house. Shilpa and Puneesh were friends from the beginning and I was left with Hina because we have to talk to someone when locked inside the house.”

Further commenting on Shilpa's victory over Hina, Gupta said, “There was a big difference between their games. In comparison to Hina, Shilpa’s game was quite varied. She wouldn’t just fight but also show different sides of her and do different things which others couldn’t do. Hence, Shilpa had an edge over Hina."

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Updated Date: Jan 17, 2018 14:36:37 IST